Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home Problems

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsDIY Solutions Thatll Fix These Common House Problems

Being at home for the last few months has really made us all look at our houses in great detail and examine every single flaw. Now more than ever, people probably have the time to get around to the household projects they had been putting off. However, many common problems have DIY fixes! Here are 40+ of the best DIY fixes for common household problems.

Removing Wood Scratches

There is nothing more annoying than coming home and finding new scratches on your beautiful wooden flooring. Your mind might start racing to try to think of what person or thing caused it. Luckily, the fix might be in your pantry.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsRemoving Wood Scratches

To remove scratches, simply rub a walnut over the scratched area, and then rub the scratched area with your fingers. This will help the wood absorb the oil from the walnut. Finally, buff the area using a soft cloth so it doesnt look out of place.

Taking Out Carpet Dents

Staying in the house for a long time often has people wishing they could rearrange their furniture to give their rooms a makeover. However, many will be put off doing this due to the dents left behind on the carpet. However, theres an easy DIY fix.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsTaking Out Carpet Dents

Ice cubes will take out any dents made by furniture in the carpet. Place ice cubes where you wish to remove the dent and leave to sit for a few hours or overnight. The water from the melted ice cubes will be absorbed by the carpets fibers and return it to its original form.

Cleaning Wooden Cutting Boards

It turns out that you might be cleaning your wooden cutting board wrong this whole time! Given that there are so many small nooks and crannies on wooden cutting boards, bacteria and food are bound to wind up deeper than you might expect.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsCleaning Wooden Cutting Boards

Therefore, to avoid buying a new cutting board every time, there is a simple hack. To get rid of stains or lingering odors, place coarse salt over the board and rub it in using half a lemon. The coarse salt will get into all of the crevices and the lemon acts as a disinfectant.

Pool Noodle Stopper

Once the summer sun goes away, you may wonder what to do with all the leftover pool noodles and toys. Turns out, theyre handier than you think! If youre prone to losing laundry down the side of your washing machine, this might be a good hack.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsPool Noodle Stopper

By placing a pool noodle in the gap between the washing machine and wall, youll hopefully never have to force yourself in that gap to pick up the shirt that dropped down there!

Tin Can Planter

2020 has inspired people to take on a lot of new hobbies, and among them has to be gardening. If youre among one of the many thousands of people who have decided to take up this new hobby, this may help.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsTin Can Planter

To grow a healthy houseplant that would be a beautiful decorative feature in your home, simply stack empty soda cans at the bottom of your planter before adding soil. The air in the cans will help to keep the soil wet and nicely aerated so you dont have to worry about it!

Baking Soda Cleaner

A lot of people dont know that baking soda is such a versatile ingredient. Not only can it be used in cooking and baking, but it has great cleaning qualities too. Many people have started to incorporate baking soda into their daily cleaning routine.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsBaking Soda Cleaner

Its also handy when it comes to cleaning larger pieces of furniture around the house, too. If youre looking to spruce up your couch and get it looking as fresh as the day you purchased it, simply sprinkle baking soda over the cushions and vacuum it up!

Stop Creaky Stairs

There are many uses for talcum powder, but one of the weirdest uses is actually in DIY projects. By simply sprinkling a layer of talcum powder over those pesky floorboards, youll no longer have to fork out for a repair person.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsStop Creaky Stairs

Its not just stairs this works on. If youve got any kind of creaky floorboard around the house, youll be able to soon walk around your home and not disturb any of the downstairs neighbors. Just make sure to rub it in or it wont work!

Lemon Hard Water Cleaner

Sometimes harsh chemical products just dont seem to get rid of the hard water build-up on most faucets and showerheads. Luckily, instead of forking out on a plumber or even a new faucet, the answer could be in your fruit bowl.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsLemon Hard Water Cleaner

Cut a fresh lemon in half, and then place the faucet in the center of the lemon. Place the lemon and faucet inside a small plastic bag, and secure with a rubber band. After a couple of hours, the citric acid should have broken down the build-up!

Command Hooks for Garbage

Everyones least favorite task has to be taking out the trash. This is mainly because the garbage bags can be so difficult to use and change. However, people have discovered that command hooks could solve all garbage-related problems.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsCommand Hooks for Garbage

By placing command hooks on the sides of the trash, the tie for the garbage bag can easily be looped around. This means that itll be less likely for the garbage bag to fall down the sides and makes for easy removal.

Using Pennies as Shims

If youve discovered that your toilet is a little unstable, there is a really easy fix. Instead of calling out a plumber, the solution will cost you just one penny!

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsUsing Pennies as Shims

If you do not have toilet shims to hand, simply put a penny — or as many pennies as you need — underneath the foot of the toilet. To keep it stable, use a silicon gun and secure the base of the toilet to the floor.

Olive Oil on Hinges

If you have some problematic hinges on any doors, or cupboard doors, you dont need to purchase any fancy oil that will cost you almost the same price as a repairman coming to fix it. Instead, simply use olive oil!

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsOlive Oil on Hinges

Perhaps best used in addition to a pipette, take a small amount of olive oil and drip it onto the hinges. The oil will sufficiently lubricate the hinge and ensure that it not only opens smoothly, but there are also no more creaks!

Soda Tabs as Picture Hooks

Have you got a broken picture frame that needs a new lease of life? Or what about making your own gallery wall to spice up that feature wall? All you need is a screw and a tab from a soda can!

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsSoda Tabs as Picture Hooks

Soda can tabs can be useful for a lot of things, but in this instance, it can be attached to the back of any picture frame so that it can easily be hung up. Simply drill a screw into the bottom half of the tab, and use the top half to attach to any hook or nail.

Liquid Electrical Tape on Exposed Wires

One of the most annoying things in life is settling down for the night with your phone charger, only to discover that the wires have started to become frayed and exposed. Instead of buying a new phone charger, you can simply fix your old one!

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsLiquid Electrical Tape on Exposed Wires

By purchasing liquid electrical tape, this will dry to contain the exposed wires, and save you and your family from a terrible accident. Plus, the liquid tape works better to fill in the smaller rips or tears in your wire without using the sticky tape version.

Glue Grip on Carpets

Sometimes well buy a carpet or rug that is just perfect for our homes, only to discover that one wrong step on it could cause you to slip and fall across the room. This DIY hack means that youll never be tripped up again.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsGlue Grip on Carpets

Turn the carpet or rug upside down. Then, by using a hot glue gun, make either squiggles or straight lines. Once the glue hardens, these will act as grips, meaning that you wont have to go out and purchase a non-slip rug!

DIY Washing Machine Cleaner

People often dont know until its too late that you have to regularly clean the inside of your washing machine, too! Otherwise, all the dirt that your washer collects will find itself stuck in either the rubber seals around the door or within the pipes.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsDIY Washing Machine Cleaner

Luckily, most people will have these ingredients in their cupboards. In an empty machine, add two cups of baking soda and run a long, hot water cycle. After this cycle is done, add 2 cups of white vinegar and 10 drops of an essential oil. This will act as a disinfectant and get rid of lingering odors.

Using Graphite in Locks

People want to make sure that their homes are as safe and secure as possible. However, having a dodgy lock or key can prevent this. Using a spare pencil with a sharpened tip can help lubricate the lock so your key has no problem getting in and out!

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsUsing Graphite in Locks

If you use oil in locks, there could be a risk of clogging. Therefore, by using the fine particles in graphite, these can act as a lubricant without potential clogging. To stop the risk of the lead getting stuck in the lock, use a sharp knife to sharpen the pencil rather than a pencil sharpener.

Filling Nail Holes with Crayon

This is an excellent tip for those who are renting and dont want to be stung by charges coming out of the deposit. Instead of going to the effort of filling the hole, buying paint, and hoping that it matches, there is one other tool you could use.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsFilling Nail Holes with Crayons

Simply choose a crayon color closest to the color of the wall. Then, you can just start to color in! Make sure to rub it in as well, as the heat from your fingers will help the wax mesh with the wall better.

Vegetable Peeler Toolkit

Not only is the vegetable peeler an incredibly handy tool to have in the kitchen, but it turns out it also has a variety of other uses in the home too. If youre working on a DIY project, this might help.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsVegetable Peeler Toolkit

If you have a screwdriver that may not necessarily fit the screws you have, you can use the tip of a vegetable peeler. This will have enough strength to properly secure whatever it is that you need without going to the shops. Very ap-peal-ing!

Scuffed Floors

If you really want your home to have that showhouse appeal, heres a DIY project you can do to make your floors sparkle. By putting a tennis ball at the end of a mop or broom handle, you can buff out scuffs in no time.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsScuffed Floors

The material of the tennis ball will pick up any rubber transfer that is on the ground. Also putting it on a stick will allow better control over the pressure and direction of where the scuff is being buffed out.

Cleaning Screws in Vinegar

When doing a DIY project that involves either upcycling or creating something brand new, a big problem can be the screws. Whether they are rusted or are just a bit too stubborn, placing them in vinegar should do the trick.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsCleaning Screws in Vinegar

To get rid of rust on screws, submerge them in a vinegar bath for 24 hours and put the lid on tightly so no further oxygen can get in. Also, the screws can be shaken once every few hours to help accelerate the process of dislodging the rust.

Getting Rid of Water Stains

Having a large water stain on the ceiling of any room can make the room look unappealing. Instead of just painting over it, it is important to make sure that no further stains will appear once the fresh new coat of paint is on.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsGetting Rid of Water Stains

By making a homemade mixture of one cup bleach and three cups of warm water and applying it to the area, youll never have to worry about another water stain again! Furthermore, this will help to remove any lingering mildew, grease, dirt, or dust — which will often prevent paint or primer from sticking to the ceiling.

Making a Malleable Plastic

If you need a substance for a DIY project that requires a bit more strength than regular superglue, this hack is definitely for you. Whilst we dont really know the science behind it, mixing baking soda and regular superglue will turn it into superglues plastic form.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsMaking a Malleable Plastic

This unusual combination can be used to plug holes and seal gaps. It has high durability, so all thats needed is a small dab of superglue, before adding baking soda to the surface and pressing on it using a cloth. After a few seconds, you should be finished.

Unsticking Drawers With Wax

After a few years and many, many uses, our drawers start to let us down. Theyll either start warping so they no longer hold your clothes correctly, or the drawers will become impossible to take in or out of the cupboard.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsUnsticking Drawers With Wax

However, by rubbing the runners of the drawers with a little wax (or even soap if you have any spare), youll lubricate the runners. This means no more sticky drawers, and your furniture has a new lease on life!

Oil Spills and Cat Litter

If youre fixing up your garage and are finding it difficult to clean up any spilled oils, youre not alone. If the oil is mopped, it usually tends to soak itself into the mop itself and spread further across the floor. It doesnt mix well with water either.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsOil Spills and Cat Litter

However, one material has been significantly more effective than any others — cat litter! While it may be tricky to clear up every grain of litter once youre finished, the cat litter will absorb the oil. That just leaves shoveling all the litter into the trash once youre done.

Kool-Aid Unblocker

Kool-Aid really is just more than a delicious summertime drink. With a packet price of 25 cents, it can be one of the cheapest toilet cleaners out there as the blog, Anyone Can Decorate, discovered.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsKool-Aid Unblocker

They found that oftentimes when they cleaned their toilet using harsh chemicals, it was very unlikely that they were able to get rid of the hard water stains that clung to the bottom of the bowl. After pouring a packet of Kool-Aid and scrubbing, the stains were gone and the toilet smelled fresh again!

Using Elastic Bands and Screws

Its more than likely that youve encountered a particularly stubborn screw during your DIY projects — the screw that just wont loosen despite using every tool and lubricant under the sun to try and get it to move.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsUsing Rubber Bands and Screws

However, this can be fixed by placing an elastic band on the surface of the screw. The rubber will help the screwdriver have more force and grip, and will eventually loosen the screw from its place. This also works with screws that are particularly worn down.

Fast Flushing Toilet

If you find that it often takes more than one flush of the toilet to do the job, there might be a problem with the water pressure. A lack of pressure can stop the tank from refilling with water quickly and will make people wait around.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsFast Flushing Toilet

However, a really easy fix comes with locating the water valve behind the toilet. Turn the valve counterclockwise until your hand stops and it becomes fully on. Even a partially closed water valve can have an effect on the tank refilling quickly!

Reopening Sealed Windows

Have you ever moved into an older apartment or house just to discover that the newly painted windows are really just stuck? This can happen when people dont wait long enough for the paint to dry, effectively sealing the window to the frame.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsReopening Sealed Windows

This DIY fix will require some patience and a light hand. Using a chisel and hammer, the chisel can be placed between the window and the frame where it is sealed. Then, by tapping the chisel with the hammer, youll get rid of the paint that caused it to seal. Enjoy your open windows!

Fixing Scuffed Skirting Boards

Although you may not notice them that often, your skirting boards can add a lot of definition to the rooms. To keep them looking in perfect condition, it may be a good idea to start filling in the nail holes and buffing out any scuffs that have appeared from the furniture.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsFixing Scuffed Skirting Boards

By using a substance called wood putty, youll avoid having to fill and repaint the entire skirting board. Instead, using just a small amount of the putty will give it a wood stained effect, making those skirting boards look as good as new!

Felt Stickers on Furniture

You may notice around your kitchen or dining area that around the bottoms of chairs there may be scrape marks. Instead of buffing these marks out at the end of every single meal, there is a much easier way of handling this.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsFelt Stickers on Furniture

Attaching felt bottoms to the legs of chairs will prevent any further scratches on the floor. Not only that, but it will massively reduce the sound of chairs being pulled in and out.

Fixing Dents in Wooden Floors

When looking for new DIY projects, this one may not feel like an essential one for your list, but once you see how easy it is to fix, we guarantee youll be looking for new dents all over your wooden floor to mend.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsFixing Dents in Wooden Floors

Small dents on wooden floors or furniture can be removed with a little water and an iron. After wetting the dent, place a moist towel over it. Then, run an iron in a circular motion over the area and you should see your floor or furniture looking brand new!

Removing Ice from Windshield

During the winter, some extra time has to be added to the morning routine to account for the time taken to melt any snow or ice from your windshield. This can often be a nuisance, especially if youre already late.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsRemoving Ice from Windshield

However, if you dont have any de-icer spray handy, youre more than likely to have WD-40 at hand. Before going to bed, spray some WD-40 on your windows and windshield and spread it using a clean, dry cloth to stop snow and ice from sticking to them overnight.

Keep Your Garbage Smelling Fresh

One of the worst things about taking out the garbage is the smell. It will often put us off taking out the garbage at all. However, using just two household ingredients will be able to leave your garbage can smelling as fresh as the day you changed the bag.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsKeep Your Garbage Smelling Fresh

Soak a slice of bread in a bath of vinegar. Once the vinegar has been absorbed by the slice of bread, place it at the bottom of the empty garbage can on a paper towel. This can then be left overnight for the best results and removed in the morning to remove the odor.

Cleaning Grout to Perfection

Cleaning grout can be one of those tasks that you keep putting off until the floors look far too dirty to continue. Instead of going to the store and buying expensive grout cleaner, you can make them using leftover ingredients in your cupboard.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsCleaning Grout to Perfection

To make homemade grout cleaner, mix the bicarbonate of soda and water to make a paste. Then, using an old toothbrush, scrub the grout. After that, spray some vinegar over the bicarbonate paste to make it bubble. After rinsing, it should look brand new.

Aluminum Foil and Gloves

This is such an easy DIY project that will make your life easier. If you need to use your phone, but dont want to expose your warm and toasty hands to the cold, winter air, this might be the hack for you to make life that much easier!

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsAluminum Foil and Gloves

While you could spend your money on touchscreen-friendly gloves, a cheaper option is using aluminum foil. Wrap the foil around the fingers you wish to use with your phone and it should work perfectly!

Fixing Tear in Screen Door

Our screen doors allow us to let fresh air into the house during the warm, summer months without inviting in unwelcomed creatures or guests. However, when a tear seemingly emerges from nowhere on our screens, it can be an expensive replacement.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsFixing Tear in Screen Door

A quick, easy, and cheap aid for helping you repair these problems is using clear nail polish. By adding a few drops of clear nail polish to the tear in the screen, itll act as an invisible glue and gets your screen back to perfect functionality.

Keeping Your Home Warm

During the cold, winter months, we will do anything to keep as much heat inside the house — whether thats lighting a fire, or simply leaving the heating on all day long. However, using bubblewrap can insulate the house incredibly well.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsKeeping Your House Warm

Simply cut the bubble wrap to fit your window, spray the bubble side with water and press it against the window. This will trap any of the heat from escaping. The bubble wrap is not as effective during the summer as the sun will add to the heat build-up.

Removing Crayons From the Walls

If you have particularly creative children, you may discover them expressing their artistic creativity all over your beautiful, freshly painted cream or white walls. Instead of wasting your time repainting or scrubbing to no avail, simply use WD-40.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsRemoving Crayons From the Walls

To remove these hand-drawn pictures, spray an appropriate amount of WD-40 directly onto the crayon marks. After leaving it for a few minutes, use a clean rag to wipe away the masterpiece from the wall. Your wall should be back to normal, and youll know what to do next time!

Toothpaste as Scratch Remover

It turns out that toothpaste is actually multifunctional! Not only is it great for keeping our teeth healthy and clean, but it can also be used to buff out small scratches. Whether its a phone screen, a glass surface, or even your car — this will work!

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsToothpaste as Scratch Remover

Toothpaste has a minor grit to it, meaning that it is able to buff out surface-level scratches. If youre looking to buff out a paint scratch on your car, put toothpaste onto a dry, clean rag before rubbing it in with circular motions.

Vaseline to Fix Hinges

If youve got a particularly squeaky door that has resisted all other types of lubricant, why not try petroleum jelly? By applying just a small dollop of petroleum jelly to the hinge, it will eliminate the creak of the door thats making your house sound like its haunted.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsVaseline to Fix Hinges

Unlike other oils or lubricants, petroleum jelly works its way into the hinges directly and wont runoff. Therefore, its texture and viscosity mean that it will adhere better to the door hinge.

Magnets to Keep Cupboard Doors Shut

If you have a cupboard door that just wont close, not all hope is lost. You wont have to go looking up the number for a repairman or even plan to renovate your kitchen. Instead, the purchase of some strong magnets will do.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsMagnets to Keep Cupboard Doors Shut

These heavy-duty magnets are easily attached to the door and will keep the cupboard closed for good. A bonus for this DIY solution is that these magnets also keep kitchen cupboards baby-proof — it might be a worthwhile investment!

Removing Pet Hair With Squeegee

Pet hair can be particularly pesky to clean up. Sometimes its so light that we just dont notice it on our furniture until we put it in direct sunlight. Whilst vacuuming can help, there will also be tonnes of hair left behind and unable to be picked up by the vacuum.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsRemoving Pet Hair With Squeegee

Therefore, using a window squeegee on any surface can help to clump pet hair together, making it easier for you to clean up. The rubber at the edge of the squeegee will lift any unseen pet hair and make it more visible. A word of warning — it may make you realize how gross your couch is!

A DIY Drain Unblocker

There are times when we have gone into the shower, only to discover that the water wont go down due to all the clogged hair. It can be a mean feat to properly clean the drains, especially when the clog is so far down.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsA DIY Drain Unblocker

However, using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar should help to unblock your drains in less than 10 minutes. Add approximately three cups of baking soda to some vinegar and pour down the drain. After 30 minutes, pour boiling water down the drain and you should have no more problems!

Drain Extenders for Gutters

After heavy rainfall, many people notice that their basement may have become flooded. Still, fixing this issue is not nearly as difficult or complicated as it may seem. Instead, all thats needed is a downspout extender.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsDrain Extenders for Gutters

By installing a downspout extender, the rainwater gathering in your gutters will drain further away from the house, and the basement. This will result in minimal flooding. Luckily, there are many ways to be creative with downspout extensions to fit your aesthetic.

Using Dish Soap in the Toilet

Not only is dish soap good for cleaning dishes, but it also acts as a degreaser, making it a fantastic drain unblocker. Many people have discovered that pouring dish soap into the toilet helps to loosen any clogs.

Handyman Shares 45 DIY Solutions that Fix Common Home ProblemsUsing Dish Soap in the Toilet

To use dish soap to unclog any blockages in your toilet, simply pour one cup of your preferred brand of dish soap directly into the bowl. After the soap has sat in the bowl for 15 minutes, pour a bucket of hot water from waist height into the toilet bowl to clear it out.

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