45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow Up

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpClearly Some Men Never Grow Up

When it comes to growing up, these men are all Peter Pan at heart. Whether it’s dressing up in superhero costumes, waiting in line for figurines, taking ridiculous pictures, or giggling at pranks, there are so many ways that men never grow up. And after all, who would want to grow up when you could still anticipate new toys, cheer on your favorite team, and fall asleep in random locations? Check out these 45 photos showing men who never grow up.

A Living Masterpiece

Singer and actress Carmen Miranda — or the “Brazilian Bombshell” — was known for her hat made of fruit. It looks like this dad was trying to recreate Miranda’s iconic look on his tiny baby while they walked around the grocery store.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpA Living Masterpiece

To be honest, if we were this kid’s mom, we’d be a little concerned about the ginormous pear resting on such a tiny head. However, upon further inspection, it looks like this is plastic fruit. Phew.

It Never Gets Old

To tell you the truth, several photos on this list involve googly eyes. Admittedly, we think googly eyes are funny every single time. Perhaps it’s the surprise of a stick-on eye that gets us each time. Or maybe, it’s the 3D goofiness that hits us in our funny bone.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpIt Never Gets Old

Whoever took this picture must live in a house where googly eyes are a common sight. In this case, the duckling on the Dawn washing up liquid is looking a little more villainous than usual.

A Cookie in Bites

This picture is all the evidence we need that some men never grow up. Whoever committed this cookie-based crime took a single bite out of each cookie, and then left the plate there for all to see. That’s provocative behavior if you ask us.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpA Cookie in Bites

Seriously, if this person wanted to sample each flavor, there are prettier and more polite ways of doing so. Instead, each cookie is contaminated by a mans mouth. Off with their heads.

Not Just Air Freshener

Who’s ready for a history lesson? Well, as you can see, whichever guy made this dinosaur-themed air freshener is a big fan of Jurassic Park. However, we’re here to tell you that this particular dino — the dilophosauras — wasn’t depicted accurately in the sci-fi adventure movie.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpNot Just Air Freshener

In reality, theres no proof that these dinosaurs spit venom like in the movies, or that they had a frill. We hate to rain on this man’s parade, but without those aspects, this air freshener design isn’t quite as clever.

Dinosaurs Don’t Get Old

Clearly, dinosaurs are popular when it comes to men who never grow up. Amusingly, this dad was laughing so hard at his new dinosaur that his kid had to come downstairs and see what was going on. Imagine walking into this scene.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpDinosaurs Don’t Get Old

We can’t imagine why this dad would have this costume, or where he might wear it, but we’re glad it brings him so much joy. Why bother growing up if it means you have to stop wearing dinosaur costumes, right?

Bald and Beautiful

For some men, getting older means having new things to play with. That’s the case for this man who’s having some fun with his bald head (is it bald?). With just a flashlight and a wall, this man can provide wholesome shadow-based entertainment for the whole family.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpBald and Beautiful

Hopefully, this man has some shadow puppet skills up his sleeve, too. After all, if you’re going to entertain people, you may as well go all out.

Sometimes, Spills Happen

This man really hasn’t grown up because the restaurant he was in had to childproof his glass for him. Before the childproofing happened, this guy spilled his large orange drink everywhere, prompting a server to make him his own very special cup.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpSometimes, Spills Happen

With a lid and a straw, this overgrown child won’t be able to make any more mess. Now, he just needs a high chair along with a bib, and he’s ready to enjoy his meal.

Just in Case

Label makers are always fun, and especially so for people who never grow up. With a few simple clicks, label makers immediately print out sticky little labels that you can slap on absolutely everything. The refrigerator? Labeled. The light switch? Labeled. And what about the cat? Obviously, labeled.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpJust in Case

Now, nobody in this family home can mistake their regal ginger cat for a trespassing fox, next door’s dog, or a really overgrown hamster. Thank goodness for that.

Always Time for a Dad Joke

Comically, the internet describes dad jokes as short, typically puns, generally inoffensive, and often made to “intentionally provoke a negative reaction to its overly-simplistic humor.” What an excellent definition.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpAlways Time for a Dad Joke

This picture of a man who hasn’t grown up yet displays a dad joke in all its glory. Standing in front of the sign for Chugwater — a town in Wyoming — this father dutifully chugs water. Get it? Let’s all roll our eyes together, shall we?

Papa the Pyromaniac

We really love this picture of a man whos absolutely beside himself with glee. Someone handed him a couple of sparklers, and suddenly, he has remembered the man he used to be. He isn’t just a man that wears a shirt, suit jacket, and tie.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpPapa the Pyromaniac

No more will this dad trudge into work every day and sit down behind his desk. No longer will he look out the window and wonder what else is out there. From now on, it’s all about the sparklers.

King of the Fridge

Some men retain their childlike sense of mischief and continually leave little jokes and references around their homes. These men don’t want to make someone laugh or roll their eyes right away — instead, they want to make someone raise their eyebrows weeks or months down the line.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpKing of the Fridge

The man that rearranged these refrigerator magnets decided to stage one of the most devastating scenes from The Lion King. One cat is the power-hungry Scar, and the other is the trustworthy Mufasa. RIP.

It’s My Method

Some men never grow out of the habits they developed as kids or teenagers. Take this guy as an example — he’s studying for his finals while lying on the floor reading his laptop sideways as it leans against a wall. On either side of him, he’s flanked by two large sleeping dogs. Is this actually really cute?

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpIt’s My Method

We think we’d like this picture more if there wasn’t so much random dirt and garbage on the floor. We’re all for dog-supported learning, but at least sweep up first.

Time to Cool Down

Really, there’s no reason to become a stiffer, more serious person as you get older. Yes, you have to be responsible now that you’re an adult. You have to pay bills and keep your job and potentially support other family members. However, that’s no reason to lose your sense of humor or your sense of fun.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpTime to Cool Down

Clearly, this man that’s never grown up got a little too hot and took himself out to the paddling pool. You go, guy!

That’s Mr. Baby to You

Tiny babies might seem boring to some people, but they’re actually loads of fun. Of course, you can play with them in a normal way by reading them books or offering them toys. Or, you could dress them up in a ridiculous outfit and take pictures of them.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpThat’s Mr. Baby to You

As we can see from this picture, this baby’s big brother decided to transform him into a boss baby. With that tiny head coming out of that huge collar, we’ll admit that this made us chuckle.

Home Depot Is Fun

You could go to Home Depot, walk around, and purchase the items you came for. That would be the standard approach to going to Home Depot — the usual template. On the other hand, you could go to Home Depot with your equally immature friend, and have a great time playing with large bits of piping.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpHome Depot Is Fun

This way, you can both have a great afternoon running around pretending to be pipe monsters. Admittedly, you might really annoy everyone there, but that’s a small price to pay for loads of fun.

Always an Opportunity

As you can see from this wedding picture, these nuptials weren’t exactly formal. There’s no wedding dress in sight, and the groom hasn’t even trimmed his impressive beard or mustache. However, it still looks quite strange to have Spiderman attending, especially because he’s opted for his pajama outfit rather than his full costume.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpAlways an Opportunity

This best man clearly hasn’t grown up. Obviously, this guy wasn’t going to wear a suit, but couldn’t he at least dust off his best hoody?

Elf on the Shelf Emergency

Over the past few years, Christmas has been coopted by Elf on the Shelf. These creepy little elf dolls are starting to supplant Santa, with children all over the world believing they’re being spied on by them. For some reason, kids seem to like these toys, though the same can’t be said for everyone.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpElf on the Shelf Emergency

For those unfamiliar with these pesky elves, the toys “move” every evening while the kids are asleep. Unfortunately for this elf, their car malfunctioned. Or, did it? Only dad knows the truth

Sports and Superstitions

One of the main ways that men never grow up is through their lifelong connection to sports. Don’t get us wrong — plenty of women are sports lovers too, but men seem to bond over their favorite team from an extremely young age. They also start to develop all sorts of rituals, routines, and superstitions.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpSports and Superstitions

This dad and husband crouches in front of the TV during exciting parts of the game. In our opinion, this is adorable. Never grow up!

Star Wars Shopping Season

Some fans are hardcore, and Star Wars fans clearly fall into this category. Just look at this line of men, fully embracing the fact that they haven’t grown up by traditional adult standards. Instead, they’ve lined up and grabbed a shopping cart so they can be among the first to pick up some new Star Wars swag.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpStar Wars Shopping Season

These fans are known to camp outside movie theaters days in advance of a new movie, so of course, they’re going to enter the toy store in swarms.

What Are You Looking At?

Having a pet is a great opportunity to embrace your inner child. You can play with them, teach them tricks, and make weird costumes that are hilarious to humans but meaningless to animals. That’s what’s happened here with this man who hasn’t grown up.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpWhat Are You Looking At?

With a simple blanket wrapped around his head, this man has created a half man-half dog hybrid. With the legs of a human and the head of a collie, this beast is ready to take on anything.

Not What I Was Thinking

Now that everyone has a smartphone with a built-in camera, there are even more opportunities for photographs. This girlfriend asked her partner to take a picture of her, and instead, he turned her into a pickle face.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpNot What I Was Thinking

Presumably, this person knew what was happening while the picture was being taken, and we do admire their serious expression behind the real-life pickle filter. In this case, we’d request that this man go ahead and grow up.

Googly Eyes Forever

We’ve already praised the humble googly eye, able to make so many people chuckle with just a tiny circle of monochromatic plastic. As we’ve seen, when men that haven’t grown up come into contact with googly eyes, they just can’t help themselves.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpGoogly Eyes Forever

In this case, someone’s dad has turned the backside of their dog into the front side of an elephant. The tail becomes a ginger trunk, and the eyes tie everything together. We think it’s just glorious.

You Don’t Outgrow Pranks

While many men use their immaturity to lightly terrorize the people that live with them, others take their chaotic energy out into the world. In this situation, a man has deposited a fake rat amongst the cheeses at the grocery store. This means that anyone looking for a nice packet of gouda will instead find themselves petrified of a disease-ridden rodent.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpYou Don’t Outgrow Pranks

Hopefully, nobody was too shocked by this prank — the last thing anyone needs is a fake rat-related medical emergency.

You Can’t Beat a Box

What do toddlers, cats, and men all have in common? They all love a cardboard box. As we can see in this photo, this man hasn’t grown out of his childhood love for playing astronaut with a box and a colander on his head. In fact, it looks like he’s as enthusiastic as ever.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpYou Can’t Beat a Box

We hope that this photograph was taken by another person also wearing a colander on their head. Let’s be honest — it’s no fun to play cardboard box astronaut alone.

Toilet Humor Aplenty

Here’s another man that likes to leave little notes around the house for future laughs. These sorts of home décor signs are really popular, and they tend to offer generic messages like “Live, Laugh, Love,” or “Dance like no one is watching.”

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpToilet Humor Aplenty

We don’t blame whichever man made a little addition to this sign, because anything would be an improvement compared to the original. In fact, by adding an extra sentence to this sign, this person has drawn attention to just how wishy-washy the initial sign is.

Playing With the Pastry

When it comes to acting like a child, there’s no better way than through food. The man that made this tasty looking pie included a little decoration on top, turning his pie into something bordering on scary.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpPlaying With the Pastry

As this photographer points out, this creative pie does look quite like Star Wars villain and galaxy gangster Jabba the Hutt. With the meat filling bubbling up through one of his eyes, this pie also looks a little upset.

Never Too Old

At first glance, this is a confusing picture. You might assume that this fully grown man here is accompanying one of the younger boys sitting in front of him. Not so, dear reader, not so.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpNever Too Old

In reality, this entire scene is from inside an airport, where a kids’ area entertains traveling youngsters with storytime. This man had a 12-hour delay in the airport and decided to stroll in and listen. Hey, you’re never too old for a good story.

The Best Kind of Brony

For those that have managed to escape the world of Bronies, your time has come. Basically, Bronies are groups of adult men that are fans and viewers of animated kids show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. This is a much-discussed phenomenon, and of course, the fandom has a darker side that we won’t go into here.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpThe Best Kind of Brony

This Brony is enjoying his favorite show while he munches on some snacks. If never growing up means watching cartoons into adulthood, we’re right there with you.

Nature’s Great Provider

Lots of little kids amuse themselves in childhood by collecting and playing with bugs. Traditionally, it’s looking at ants through a magnifying glass and trying not to scorch them to death. For some children, it’s keeping snails in a shoebox. For others, it’s storing ladybugs in a glass jar.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpNature’s Great Provider

This man hasn’t grown out of his obsession with creepy crawlies. In this photograph, his own kid caught him on camera trying to feed a dead bee to a spider he has befriended.

Bug Hunting Together

In this sweet picture, we combine the fun of pets and the fun of hunting bugs. Anyone with a cat knows that the furry little killers get very excited when an insect enters their midst. They meow, they flick their tail back and forth, and they wiggle their little kitty backsides.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpBug Hunting Together

Naturally, cats are good climbers, but they can’t get every pesky fly that lingers in a room. Here, this overgrown manchild holds his cat up so they can take down those creepy crawlies together.

Feliz Navidad a Todos

We did warn you that this list would feature a decent amount of googly eyes. And what better place to put them than smack bang in the middle of the family Christmas tree? In fact, if you take two dinner plate-sized googly eyes and combine them with a festive scarf and a sombrero, you too can make your own Christmas amigo.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpFeliz Navidad a Todos

We’re hoping that this picture was taken in a Hispanic home and decorated by a Latino father. That way, it’s immature, but also kind of adorable.

Watch Out for Shower Guests

Klingon Worf appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and has appeared in more episodes of the franchise than any other character. Since he gets around so much, we guess it makes sense that someone went to have a shower and was instead greeted by the alien creature.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpWatch Out for Shower Guests

We need to know if this particular Worf is made out of cardboard or if it’s actually a man dressed up in a suit. These sorts of details really matter.

Great Taste in Home Décor

We really love this photographic evidence that some men never grow up. With this simple Snapchat, we see just what this man’s family members have to live with. It just so happens that they literally have to live with this ginormous and intricate statue of some kind of warrior.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpGreat Taste in Home Décor

It’s possible that this father ordered this obscenely huge statue while thinking it was actually a much smaller figurine. We would absolutely have loved to witness this thing arriving in the mail.

Legos Are for Life

This man with the spirit of a child turned to some LEGOs when there was a power outage in his house. With a candle, a flashlight, and a healthy dose of imagination, this guy got to work building some impressive creations. And seriously, do you blame him?

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpLegos Are for Life

In our opinion, an electrical outage is the ideal opportunity to reveal your inner child. The lights are down, your normal schedule is out the window, and you really have the time to sit down with your bricks.

Rethinking the Baby Gate

Generally, baby gates are used to keep a child safe. They’re usually installed at the top and bottom of stairs so that little ones can’t accidentally tumble down. Sometimes they’re placed across certain doors so that little fingers don’t end up in sockets or nipped in an unforeseen hinge.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpRethinking the Baby Gate

As you can see, this dad has taken his son’s baby gate for himself. By erecting the structure around his computer, he is protected from the hassle of a toddler.

Acting Like an Animal

You know, there isn’t much to say about this picture except that some men never grow up. There are other items on this list that strike us as fairly reasonable behavior. We’d never rebuke someone for enjoying a paddling pool on a hot day, or for turning to LEGOs for a bit of enjoyment.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpActing Like an Animal

Nevertheless, we can’t see ourselves partaking in this particular activity. From what we can gather, this guy got up on top of the refrigerator in order to mimic his cat.

A Sneaky Foot

Now, this is a dad joke if ever we’ve seen one, and it’s a classic too. In fact, this joke is so old that it would be better described as a granddad joke. In order to participate in this decades-old gag, you have to be near someone trying to weigh something — ideally themselves.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpA Sneaky Foot

When that person is securely on the scale, you place one of your feet behind them. Then, sit back and laugh while they panic that they’re much heavier than they anticipated.

Toys Toys Toys!

Lots of kids spent their youths riding around on Big Wheels, particularly boys aged between eight and ten years old. These tricycles — which feature a huge front wheel — were popular toys in the 1970s, and marketed as safer than other types of bike. But, most people don’t know that Big Wheels also come in adult sizes.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpToys Toys Toys!

As we can see in this picture, adult men can too strap on their helmets and head out for a ride on their Big Wheels. Sure, they can drive a car now, but this is way cooler.

Going the Extra Mile

Many women complain that their male partners don’t listen to them, or don’t use “common sense.” Perhaps this is all down to miscommunication, where partners have different ideas in their heads and assume that the other person has the same thoughts.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpGoing the Extra Mile

We assume that this partner asked her boyfriend to buy a shower curtain for their apartment. While they might have expected something basic, they must not have discussed details, because they ended up with this delightful Jeff Goldblum number.

Looking Lovely in Leopard Print

How cute is this dad that’s discovered onesies for the first time? According to this Snapchat, someone brought their laundry home to their parents’ house only for their dad to discover their onesie and try it on. This might sound worse than it is, but we really love the sight of this excited middle-aged man wearing a colorful leopard print onesie.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpLooking Lovely in Leopard Print

Hopefully, for his next birthday, this fashion-forward dad receives his very own pair of comfy all-in-one pajamas.

Don’t Leave Hubby Unattended for Long

What do you expect will happen if you leave your husband at home by himself for a while? Maybe a mess of a few beverage cans? The PlayStation on loud? Or rather a life-sized fort built in the living room?

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpDon’t Leave Hubby Unattended for Long

If the last one confused you, we’re totally on board with you but that could be the price you pay for marrying a man-baby. And, who needs Netflix and TV for entertainment when you’re married to someone like this?

Adult Tourist Antics

Is there an age limit to being able to blow bubbles at a train station? Well, if you think so then this tourist here broke the rules and this Snapchatter has the photographic evidence to show for it.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpAdult Tourist Antics

He even noticed her gaze and came up to say that “no one suspects the adult”, as he knew his childish act would raise some brows. In conclusion, we believe if it’s not hurting anyone then let it be, and let there be bubbles!

Husband Appreciation

Dad’s are known to be superheroes in the eyes of their wives and kids and this father regained his legendary status from this snap. According to his wife, he chose to try to beat the cheerio stack record on Father’s Day, and he triumphantly accomplished it.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpHusband Appreciation

Even though it might have taken a good few hours to execute, his persistence, focus, and patience persisted him through. We are officially crowning him the winner of Father’s Day.

Grandpa Loves His Battle Station

Not even grandfathers have fully grown up yet. Just check out this 90-year-old grandpa playing his battle station game in front of his granddaughter. We are actually very impressed with him and his tech-savvy ways.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpGrandpa Loves His Battle Station

His granddaughter revealed that he was even the one who introduced her to tech things, such as the Tesla car and the world of Apple technology. Sometimes being young at heart has its perks. Kudos to this young-spirited old man!

Shopping Bribery

Ladies, listen up because we have just found a viable way to convince your man to come shopping with you… Simply tell him there’s an arcade machine in the store and see if that changes his mind.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpShopping Bribery

If it does, that probably means you’re dating a man-child but truth be told, as you have probably already noticed, they all are to a certain extent. Try to rather embrace it and find ways to keep them happily occupied!

Husband’s Grocery Finds

We all know that when we send the hubby out for a grocery shop, chances are he’ll come back with a lot more sweet and sugary finds than required. But then again, who’s complaining really?

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpHusband’s Grocery Finds

Well, this woman might not have been too pleased when her husband came back from the shops with enough Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream to feed an entire school of sweet-toothed kids. The inner-child in him must have gotten a sugar-high from seeing his favorite ice-cream on sale.

A Child-Size Tent for a Man-Child

Before going to a festival at a camping ground, a lot of preparation has to be done. For example, you should bring all the food, drinks, and camping equipment beforehand to ensure you’re organized. Unfortunately in this guy’s case, he thought he was buying a two-person, adult-sized tent but actually bought a mini kid-friendly one.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpA Child-Size Tent for a Man-Child

However, he put on his big-boy hat and embraced his mess-up by using the tent anyway. That is one resilient man-child!

Creepy Mr. Bean

While we all love doing pranks on others, being the target can be nerve-wracking. That is exactly how this Snapchatter thought about her boyfriend’s latest endeavor, which was to spook her out with a Mr. Bean cut-out.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpCreepy Mr. Bean

While he’s a harmless and funny character, try to imagine seeing this face as you walk into your bathroom… The only way to deal with living with a prankster is to even the scoreboard. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your revenge pranks!

Turtle Time

Some days are more stressful than others and we all just need a good release sometimes, like taking a swim in the ocean or with your pet turtle even. Yes, you read that correctly. This turtle-loving grownup decided to snorkel in his fish tank so that he could experience the life his turtle does.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpTurtle Time

We’d like to thank this adult-child for his actions because we cannot stop laughing at this picture. It’s some real fishy entertainment. Get it?

Odd One Out

While there’s nothing greater than when girlfriends get together for some catching up and a night of art and crafts, adding a man-child to the mix will be sure to increase the laughs.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpOdd One Out

Just take a look at how this one funny husband chose to stray from the crop and be original with his Batman artwork. Truth be told, we prefer his creation to the rest. Let’s give it up for this artistic husband!

Gets Us Every Time

You might think that you’ve seen the last of the googly eyes, but you’d be wrong. Here, a photogenic and smiling family have made and distributed a holiday card, only to find one of them defaced with a pair of comically oversized stick-on eyes. It never gets old, eh?

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpGets Us Every Time

We like to think that the googly-eyed lady in question here has done something to cross their uncle, leading to this light-hearted but pointed prank.

Getting Into Character

In this list of men who haven’t grown up, we haven’t even spent that much time talking about costumes. Sure, we’ve seen a best man wearing a Spiderman onesie at a wedding, and we’ve acknowledged that Star Wars fans are pretty intense. But, let’s be honest — superhero culture is a huge part of the lives of men who never intend on growing up.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpGetting Into Character

This gamer isn’t just surrounded by wires, screens, and consoles, he’s also decked out in his Spiderman costume.

Shark Suit Selling Shenanigans

Speaking of costumes, check out this hilarious picture of multiple men dressed up in shark suits. Context matters, and in this case, it’s important to point out that the man in question here does run a business selling these shark suits.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpShark Suit Selling Shenanigans

For that reason, maybe it makes slightly more sense that he asked his friends to dress up and create this particular sharky scene. Personally, we just love the idea of someone returning home to this scene.

Trucks and Treadmills

Just look at the sheer delight on this man’s face as he runs his toy fire truck along a treadmill. To be honest, as we get older, we do encounter all sorts of fun things that could be used as toys — treadmills included.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpTrucks and Treadmills

We also encourage playing with automatic doors, sensor lights, any kind of unknown buttons and dials, and any naked flames you might encounter. Just kidding. In order to keep all of your appendages, don’t play with gym machinery.

Falling for a Boat Bed

In this picture, we have two bits of evidence that this particular man has not yet grown up. Firstly, and most obviously, this adult man is lying down inside a child’s bed shaped like a boat, inside the store.

45 Funny Photos That Show Men Never Grow UpFalling for a Boat Bed

Secondly, this adult man is clearly trying to pretend he’s asleep while posing for a photo. These are not the actions of a grown-up, our friends — these are the actions of a little boy inside a man’s body.

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