35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other Things

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsDeceiving the Eyes!

What is that? Is that what it looks like? These may be some of the questions that go through your mind when you look at certain natural occurrences in life. Many times, our eyes play tricks on us and make us associate what we are seeing with something completely different from what it is. This can lead to some funny experiences so prepare to enjoy with the ones we found below!

The Circle 0f Life

When you are a parent of a small child, you may have experienced watching their favorite films over and over again. This will sometimes lead the parent to see and hear things from the childs movie even when the movie is nowhere to be seen.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsThe Circle of Life

When this person opened up their septic tank area to clean it, they had to do a double-take. At first, they thought they saw the character Rafiki from The Lion King. However, upon second glance they realized it was just the boring old septic tank playing tricks.

Love and Marriage

Your wedding day is very special. You walk down that aisle and pledge to love your partner until the end of your days, in front of everyone you love. This picture happens to encompass all of that in the weirdest way possible.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsLove and Marriage

We have no idea how water coolers happen to look like a bride and groom but hey, we dont make the rules when it comes to these suspicious things resembling other things. Were just here to judge and laugh along the way!

Where Is Fluffy?

You have just gotten home from running down to the grocery store for that one ingredient you forgot. Youre exhausted after a long day so you throw the plastic bag on the table in a state. But then something in you tells you to turn around and you see this.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsWhere Is Fluffy?

Its like the world is trying to tell you that you may be forgetting something else, like Fluffy’s food perhaps. After all, why else would this plastic bag end up in the shape of a cat? If you dont own a cat, were not quite sure what this thing is trying to tell you but suggestions are welcomed!

Plug it In

This one was a little harder to see, but once you do, you won’t be able to look away. How much does the back of this Honda Civic look like that HDMI cord you use to connect your TV with your gaming console? A lot, a lot!

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsPlug it In

It has all the same design features, but just make sure you don’t try to plug anything into your trusty car. Just because it looks like an input doesnt mean anything! Maybe it was the inspiration behind the design though?

Vegetable Lane

We have never seen such a big head of broccoli, have you? It is bigger than a car and a house. The way this light is hitting this interestingly manicured tree even makes the trunk look green.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsVegetable Lane

If you want to get your kid to eat more of the actual small pieces of broccoli, you could show them a picture of this. Tell them that if they don’t eat their veggies, they will have to eat this giant piece of broccoli. Watch how fast they eat up those little florets!

Eat Your Bed

There is nothing like having a bed that looks like a tasty summer treat, right? How did the design of this mattress even come about? Maybe the person who designed it was having a hankering for an ice cream sandwich

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsEat Your Bed

We hope that the mattress is as comfortable as an ice cream sandwich is delicious! Now, what would be even cooler was if it didn’t just look like an ice cream sandwich but smelled like one, too!

Lost Shoes

What happened to these vitamins? Is this how they are supposed to look, or did they get a little too hot and melt this way? Either way, when you first saw them, you thought some little elf had left their shoes behind, didn’t you?

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsLost Shoes

Dont feel weird for the mixup, we saw that too and how cute are they? If this was indeed caused because of heat, its pretty unbelievable that it happened to form the perfect shoe shape. Kids would go nuts if they were given these little creations as a toy to play with!

Snow Hungry

It is hard to look at this snow-covered table and believe that this was naturally made. If it was, that is very interesting. It also may be a sign from the universe that you should eat or bake some delicious pastries.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsSnow Hungry

It looks like a fresh, frosted hand pie, but that may be just because we are hungry. Also one other question how is there no snow on the chairs? Yes, we were right then. This looks like the work of a higher power!

They Have Arrived

Many of us have played the game where we look at a cloud and try to figure out what it looks like. Often, no one else can see what you are trying to say it is, and that can be frustrating. Everyone saw this one, though!

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsThey Have Arrived

This unique and fluffy cloud just happens to look like some alien lifeforms have finally decided to make themselves known. We find the idea of aliens landing on planet earth scary, cool, and exciting all at the same time!

Happy Trees

The famous American painter, Bob Ross, would love these very happy trees that have appeared at the bottom of this coffee mug. There are a lot of people who need a good cuppa to get the day going and look for it to brighten their day.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsHappy Trees

Imagine having the joy of that caffeine fix and then a beautiful and peaceful forest scene Its like some symbolic sign that you are set for a successful day. We don’t know about you, but that would make our day!

Just Peachy

Having the ability to have fruit all year long is a joy of the modern world. By canning fruit at its peak, we can enjoy the sweet nectar even in the cold seasons. When canning, the fruits are actually preserved in syrup.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsJust Peachy

This peach mixed in with syrup looks just like a cracked egg when it was poured out. If you didn’t know it was a peach, you might accidentally have added it to a cake batter. Youre welcome for clearing up any confusion you might have had!

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Beautiful and unique are two words that many often use when describing nature. There is a plethora of flowers and trees that are one-of-a-kind and leave you in awe when you see them.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsWelcome to the Neighborhood

These not only do that, but they might also give you a little chuckle when you realize they look like small chickens wearing glasses. Plus, some of those 3D chickens are wearing little bonnets! Do you see what we see? Pause for laughter.

Ice Ice Baby

As the warmer season begins to unfold, the frozen world begins to melt. That typically means a lot of soggy ground and flowers begin to appear. It can also mean that water collected in vessels might form some neat-looking things.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsIce Ice Baby

This vase had been frozen over, and the way its ice sheet is melting has made it look like an eye is looking back from within. Its creepy but cool, don’t you think? We couldnt help but sing Vanillas Ices Ice Ice Baby after realizing this eye was just an ice puddle.

Breaking Bread

Why dont you just pick this roll up and take a bite? Well, you would be very surprised and also on your way to the dentist for some emergency dental work. Why?

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsBreaking Bread

Although this looks like a loaf of bread, it is actually a rock! Crazy, right? The thing that makes it look even more like bread is the inner color of the rock. Nature sure likes to play games. Lets just hope that nobody fell for this trick because no one wants to be toothless!

Jurassic Garden

When you think of what a cactus looks like, it isn’t uncommon for you to think of one that looks like a barrel or even a man standing with his arms up. You very rarely would imagine one that looks like a dinosaur that lives in the water though.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsJurassic Garden

Some might even say this cactus looks like a certain sea monster in Scotland. Yes, were talking about the mythical Loch Ness Monster. But no matter what you think this looks like, this little cactus sure is cute!

A Bird in the Hand

You are guaranteed to find some unique things while walking along rivers or lakes, such as rocks that sparkle and apparently driftwood pieces that look like they have already been carved into an animal. How cool is this find?

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsA Bird in the Hand

This also means that you won’t have to spend all that time whittling the wood down into a shape. This bird is almost complete, so just add a few extra touches and you’re done. Your new house ornament was sent to you by the power of nature!

Just Add Karats

You know, if you were on the fence about whether it was time to pop the question and got this in your takeaway, you might think it was a sign or maybe not. Either way, this onion ring is quite literally just that!

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsJust Add Karats

It might be a fun story to tell your kids if you took the chance to use this as your engagement ring. Imagine the pictures! However, personally, we prefer karats to onions. Its all about preference though, others might feel differently!

Music follows Us

You have to find your own rhythm! or Music is everywhere you just have to look for it! these sayings may be proven right if you looked down and saw this rubber band lying in the gutter as you walked down the street.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsMusic follows Us

Maybe you might even think about dancing in the streets to your own beat after seeing this. It is kind of cool that this random rubber band just happened to land in this shape. We know we sound like preachers, but surely theres a deeper meaning behind this?

Flipping Out

When you are tired, you are exhausted and totally out of it. Dogs are the same so its fun to watch them as they lie down after a long walk. They get into a comfortable position and they don’t care how it looks. Thankfully so, because if not, we wouldn’t have this crazy picture.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsFlipping Out

The dog is out cold, and its ear has just flopped over. If you look close, you will see that this is not only cute but crazy because the ear looks like a baboons face. We know its an odd comparison, but do you see what were talking about?

Sizzling Seahorses

Many people love the salty flavor of bacon in the morning, afternoon or even in the evening. This leads to a lot of sizzling sounds going on throughout the day, and sometimes, these fatty pieces cook into interesting shapes.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsSizzling Seahorses

Very rarely do four pieces end up looking the same, much less looking like a herd of seahorses. We are sure though that they will all taste the same… absolutely delicious! Were just happy that this Snapchatter got this picture before gobbling them up.

United States of Fried Chicken

Chicken is great, and fried chicken is even better. That is why a lot of families enjoy a weekly treat of KFC. These chicken pieces come in many shapes, and this person just happened to get one that reminded them of home.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsUnited States of Fried Chicken

This chicken strip is shaped a lot like the shape of the United States on world maps. We have so many questions about this. Is this person patriotic? Which coast will they cover with sauce first? Which state is most delicious? Somebody answer us!

Cover the Cannolis

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, when you get kicked in the lower part of your body, it really hurts. Sometimes, it is hard to explain, but now that we have this picture, so we can show others just what we mean by earth-shattering pain. Get it?

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsCover the Cannolis

This small pot plant grew in quite an interesting way and certainly looks like someone who has gotten kicked in their nether regions. This actually looks so funny that were sure theres a market for plants that look like this.

Aliens Are Real

Nature can be wondrous and mysterious all at the same time. It can also lead to some epic and interesting sights, like this one that seems to show a massive invading force from outer space landing in this city.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsAliens Are Real

The way the fog rolls over the water hides the bottom half of this stadium. That is why it ends up looking like a huge UFO. So, in case you were doubting yourself for a minute, no youre not crazy!

A Map to Nowhere

Typically, you wouldn’t be very happy to have a rusted faucet, but when it has a bit of an artistic pattern, you might be able to put up with it. That is what we think this person has decided to do.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsA Map to Nowhere

The rust on this faucet looks like an old-school map and that is quite cool and unique. Now that they have a picture, though, we are sure they are looking to fix this rust issue!

Were Soaring, Flying!

One of the ways a lot of people kill time when they are flying is to stare out of the window and watch the land below. It is fascinating to see and can be very beautiful. Looking down on the world and seeing the entire landscape looks a lot like this picture.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsWere Soaring, Flying!

The only thing is that this is just someone taking a picture as they stand above their frozen backyard. Quite the anti-climax right? We wanted to soar and fly, not chill in the cold like some average Joe in our backyard.

Polar Opposites

Making sure your pup is lean, healthy, and smells good is part of the responsibilities of being a dog owner. This can be a frustrating process or a fun one depending on the dog, but one thing is for sure most dogs are cute when they are wet and in the tub.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsPolar Opposites

Take this pup that happens to looks just like a polar bear post-bath. How cute is this baby? Look at how its posing for the picture it knows it is a cutie!

Light as a Feather

Air patterns and condensation in the air can make for some cool-looking clouds on any given day. Some of the clouds will be fluffy and massive. Others might be wispy and light. That is exactly what this interesting-looking cloud is.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsLight as a Feather

If you didn’t see the roof of the house, you might think that this cloud was a feather falling through the air. Whats even more interesting is that feathers are known to be light as air, while clouds are actually heavy.

A Boiled Egg or Snail?

A boiled egg is a good snack and can be made into other dishes easily. A lot of people boil up eggs, but if there is a hairline crack in one of them, you can end up with some interesting-looking egg explosions.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsA Boiled Egg or Snail?

This one is a good example of that. When laid out, it looks like a snail with its shell. It’s probably not good to eat this, but it certainly is good for a pic or two.

Crawling Up the Mountain

When we are out in nature, many of us take lots of photos because everything is so beautiful and fresh. This allows us to remember what we saw after we have gone home. Sometimes, when you go over these pics later, you find some interesting things.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsCrawling Up the Mountain

Look at this snowbank that looks like a large lizard climbing the mountain How this happened is unknown, but it is a very cool image and now that weve seen the lizard shape we cant see anything else but that!

I’m Not Fat, I’m Festively Plump!

Looking out your window through a camera lens can be a great way to get a different perspective. It can also be a way for you to have a nostalgic moment. Sometimes, you don’t notice the truly funny things in your life until you look back on those photos.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsI’m Not Fat, I’m Festively Plump!

For instance, look at this rather comedic lens flare. Take a look doesn’t it look like a very famous cartoon lad? Yes, were referring to Eric Cartman who once famously said, I’m not fat, I’m festively plump!

Look Out!

There are few things worse than trying to clean up some bird poop off your window. Nevertheless, you have to have a clear line of sight, so the poop has to be cleaned.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsLook Out!

If you run across something like this, make sure to snap a pic of it first. This bird poop splatter ironically happens to imitate a bird that is pooping and to us, thats true art! It may be gross, but its still art!

Watch Your Step!

Optical illusions make something look like something else. The way the light falls on this bale of hay and creates its shadow is a good example of this.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsWatch Your Step!

When you look at it, you don’t even see the bale of hay. It just looks like a hole in the ground. The good news is that it isn’t too deep, so if you trip into it, you will be able to get out of it… LOL! Were on a roll today!

Look Both Ways

After a windy storm, it looks like the branches of this tree have begun to droop badly. However, they grew into a fun shape and made it look like a green man is walking the streets of this neighborhood.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsLook Both Ways

This branch man will probably be pruned when the city trucks come around, so the fact that this person got the pic is a miracle. Its a good thing, too, so that we can all get a little laugh from this unique shape.

On the Loose

If you happen to be in this parking lot and saw this striped animal that appears to be a tiger, youd most definitely run for the hills, and rightly so!

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsOn the Loose

However, if you consider yourself to be fearless, you may inspect the creature for a little while longer. Upon this point, youd realize that this seemingly dangerous tiger is in fact a dog whos sitting in the shadow of a gate.

Welcome Back to MTV

If you saw this cheese grater and thought that it strongly resembled the backdrop of a P-Diddy music video, were totally on your page. Those who didnt see that most probably lived under a rock during the MTV era.

35+ Things That Look Suspiciously Like Other ThingsWelcome Back to MTV

However, the cool metallic runway you see here is just the inside of a cheese grater, which is quite the let-down. With that being said, Puff Daddy and cheese puff share a resemblance, get it?

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