30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended Purpose

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended Purpose

Did You Know They Were Meant to Be Used Like This?

Humans have always looked to develop tools and technologies to make life simple and easy. Now, not all tools are the same. While some of their purposes are obvious, others are subtle. Some tools are engineered to make your room clutter-free, while some have the potential to simplify a process. Interestingly, you probably wouldnt know what they are meant for, and may even be using it in a way it was never intended. Dont believe us? Here are some items that you probably arent using the way they were designed to.

The Small Hole On An Aircraft Window

If you have ever had the chance to relax on the window side seat during a flight, and if you are observant enough, you will notice a small hole in the window. Did you ever bother to find out the purpose of this minuscule hole? Many have pondered over its utility.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeThe Small Hole on an Aircraft Window

It is meant to release the excess pressure that develops inside the aircraft as it soars to the heights. This prevents the windows from breaking open. It prevents the foggy mist from settling on the aircraft window by allowing an escape passage for the exhaled air of the passengers on board.

The Claw and the Hole of a Pasta Ladle

The claw of the pasta ladle has attracted our attention. It is known to us what the nails are for. Grip the pasta with the claws, this will ensure the pasta does not slip off the plate while serving. But what about the hole in the center of the spoon?

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeThe Claw and the Hole of a Pasta Ladle

It is originally designed to measure just the right amount of pasta for one plate. The hole in the spoon ensures that you do not go hungry, nor do you waste some on your plate. It is just the right idea to prevent wastage of food and optimize a single serving.

Shoe Lace and Holes

In the early twentieth century, when basketball was an emerging sport, the sports shoes came with two extra holes on the sides. The players would don on these shoes and shove off towards the court. Most people were under the impression that the extra holes on the shoes were for ventilation to let the sweat and warm air out so that the feet remain clean and comfortable.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeShoe Lace and Holes

But the actual purpose of the holes was meant for fashion and creativity. You can experiment with your shoelace and holes. Try a new design with it every day!

Neat Kitchen With Less Mess

Most of the modern pots and cooking pans come with a hole on their handles. Yes, they can be used for hanging them up on hooks for a neat arrangement. But actually, they are meant to serve another purpose, which most of us are unaware of.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeNeat Kitchen With Less Mess

The slim and sleek holes on the handles are meant for placing the spoon or ladle which you use while stirring the contents in the cooking pot. That keeps the area around the oven neat and clean. The main objective of the hole is to hold the spoon and reduce the mess. So gear up for a fresh cooking experience!

Topsy-Turvy Hair Pins

We are all acquainted with the sleek black hairpins for doing our hair. Tuck up the locks, or puff up your hair using the clips. Girls usually put the curved side of the clip on the outer side of the hair. But the real purpose of the curve on one side of the hairpin is to hold the bulk of hair beneath and keep it in place.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeTopsy-turvy Hair Pins

While this was the intention of the designers and manufacturers of the product, we have all been suited to use it upside down. Time to change the way, beauty freaks!

Meant for Smoothening

The tiny hole on the side of the padlock made many of you wonder why it existed. Most of us have waved it out of our mind after a few moments. But this hole renders the lock safe and easy to use.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeMeant for Smoothening

It lets out any water that has accumulated inside the lock when kept outside under the open. The moisture is ventilated out to prevent rusting and jamming of the lock. You can also lubricate the lock and increase its lifetime by pouring in oil or any other lubricant through this hole.

Capping the Knife

When you lay your hands on a knife, razor or blade, you will find that it comes with a plastic casing and a cap at the end. This is primarily meant for safety and precaution. Once you open the lid, it splits open to expose a sharper knife or razor beneath it.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeCapping the Knife

The cap protects the fingers from getting cut accidentally. So, cap the knife and prevent injuries! Uncap to reveal a sharp cutter for your use.

Wash the Fabric

When you go out to a clothing store to purchase a dress, you must have seen the extra button and the additional fabric provided with the dress in a zipped pocket. We are mostly aware of the secondary purpose of this extra bit of cloth and button. When one button gets loose and falls off, we sew the extra button and redo the part of the dress with the additional patch of fabric provided.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeWash the Fabric

The real purpose seemed to be hidden from most of us. It is meant to test the washing agents and detergents on the extra material. It is intended for us to check whether our detergents would ruin the cloth or not.

Choked with a Pen Cap

The small hole on the pen cap is something we have all pondered over. We have sometimes come up with theories to explain the existence of the gap. It might be meant to allow the proper flow of the ink or maintain pressure in the refill.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeChoked with a Pen Cap

The real purpose went unnoticed. The manufacturers made the hole with a factor of safety in mind. The small cap was risky as kids might swallow it by accident. The tunnel ensures there is still a narrow passage for air to pass even if the lid gets stuck in the throat.

Homecoming on the Keyboard

Typists will have noticed the tiny bumps on the F and J keys on the keyboard. These serve a subtle purpose for those accustomed to rigorous typing. The F and J keys are considered to be the home keys where your index fingers should rest.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeHomecoming on the Keyboard

The small bumps on those two keys will allow your fingers to return to the home keys without removing your eyes from the computer screen.

Whistling With the Candy Stick

The delicious lollipops are every child’s delight. We all remember licking the candy and waiting for it to dissolve in the mouth. After the candy is consumed, we would toy with the stick and eagerly blow into it. The straw has a small hole and acts as a whistle when we blow air through it.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeWhistling With the Candy Stick

The hole served a purpose for the candy makers. The warm candy would melt a bit through the hole. So, when the candy hardened and solidified it into a lollypop, it would stay intact and attached to the stick instead of falling off.

Ridges on the Lid

When you order a hot beverage to go, the cup usually comes with a plastic lid. The lid serves two purposes. While most of us know that the top prevents the spilling of the beverage outside and avoid the mess, we are oblivious to the other target.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeRidges on the Lid

The lid has a specific shape of a ridge that fits perfectly into the base of the cup! Each cover is meant to serve as a kind of coaster for your hot drink.

The Black Spot

It is not a beauty spot at the back of your iPhone. Between the camera lens and the flash is a tiny black spot, whose function and purpose has been thought over by many users. Strange theories apart, this black spot is something like a third microphone.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeThe Black Spot

The black spot serves to omit the noise from the surroundings and provide better audio quality when shooting video. It reduces background noise and records more precise information in a crowded place.

The Refreshing Beverage

Have you ever toyed with the caps of bottles containing carbonated drinks? There is a specific material on the inner surface of the lid. If you ever tried to remove it and cap the bottle, it will fit the bottle just perfectly. So, what purpose does this material serve?

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeThe Refreshing Beverage

It prevents the gas from leaking out. If you remove the material of coating, the carbonated drink would merely turn into a plain syrup. The most refreshing aspect of the beverage that electrifies your tired nerves will be gone.

Minty Tic Tac Candy

The refreshing minty flavor of Tic Tac candy freshens us up all. But have we been munching on them in the right way all this time?

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeMint Breath of the Tic Tac Candy

You must have noticed the slight indentation on the box of Tic Tac candies, and wondered what its meant for. Well, it serves as the right way to dispense the minty candy. It allows one tic tac to come out at a time and distributes it in the right direction.

Life-Saving Hack with a Headrest

You are all familiar with the headrest on the driver’s seat. You can push it down or pull it up according to your requirement to rest your head comfortably. But have you ever noticed that the headrest is completely detachable?

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeLife-Saving Hack with Headrest

It offers a life-saving hack during an emergency. If you ever happen to be trapped in your car and cannot get out, detach the headrest completely. It has two metal bars at its base. Use them to break out of the car window and escape.

Origami Dinner Plate

A problem we all face while opting for a portion of Chinese takeaway food is the deep boxes and containers. We resort to emptying them onto plates and bowls to comfortably munch our food instead. However, this Chinese takeaway box comes with a hack we never knew.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeOrigami Dinner Plate

The box can be neatly unfolded to form a dinner plate of just the right size. Enjoy your meal without bothering about dishes.

Easy To Access

We have all noticed the diamond-shaped structure on backpacks, haven’t we? We have resorted to believing that it must be some logo or maybe a style statement to add a classy look to the bag. But this serves a beautiful purpose we were unaware of.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeEasy To Access

The diamond structure is meant to hold those things which you cannot fit into the bag, but need them at your fingertips. Also known as a lash-tab or pig-snout, it gives you easy access to items that otherwise wont fit into your bag. Attach your water bottle to it, or a pair of sneakers and enjoy.

A Panacea for Pimples

An irritating pimple on your face is enough to ruin your day. You may venture out to try a thousand face creams and a million beauty tips. But did you know that the Advil capsule is the perfect cure for a pimple?

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeA Panacea for Pimples

The gel-like liquid inside the capsule can be extracted and applied on the pimples for a quick remedy. The tip of a safety pin can be used to pierce the capsule, and the gel adheres to the pin. Clean your face, use a sanitized pin to extract the gel, and safely apply it on the pimples to get rid of them.

Purpose of Pocket

The tiny extra pocket on the Jeans is sometimes called the fifth pocket. It seems to be of no use for the present generation, but back in the 1850s, it did serve a purpose.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposePurpose of Pocket

When Jeans were first launched in the market, it was purchased by the laborers of California. It was treated as the trouser of choice. They used this extra pocket to keep their delicate and expensive pocket watches.

Rats and the Margin

The red margins at the side of the pages of your notebooks were not meant to leave space for extra notes. Nor were they given to check the number of lines written. It had a separate purpose altogether.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeRats and the Margin

Earlier, when most homes were infested with rats, the manufacturers of the notebooks made the margin concept so that even if the rats nibbled the edges, the writing would not be affected.

Measurement Becomes Handy

We all are familiar with the super handy tape available at any store. We use them quite often to suit our needs. But the metal base given with the tape fails to draw the user’s attention.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeMeasurement Becomes Handy

The metal base, from which the long and flexible tape can roll out, is used to attach it to a place. The hole is just wide enough to place it over a nail. You can fix according to your requirements and leave markings as you measure.

Smash Protection Loop

The grocery carts are loaded with piles of items. After packaging, we put the bag on the metal loop provided at the top. Weve even come across instances where the loop has acted as a baby seat. Amidst all these, we are unaware of its real purpose.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeSmash Protection Loop

The loop is meant to hang your bags containing fragile items like bread, eggs, cheese, and other things that may get smashed under the weight of more substantial goods.

Fashion or Purpose?

What seems to be a popular fashion trend today was not so a few days back. The half-belt used in the long coats is the height of fashion today. However, it was primarily meant for the men in the military. They used their oversized jackets as blankets.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeFashion or Purpose?

The half-belt was used to keep the extra clothing in place, which ensured the excess fabric was not causing them trouble to move around.

Trouble Maker Cap

To protect the children from gulping down pills, the pill bottles have strange caps. These caps do not open easily, and sometimes it is too frustrating to take medicine in a hurry. There is a simple solution to hard-to-open caps.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeTrouble Maker Cap

The childproof pill bottle caps are threaded on both sides. So, you can use them both ways. If you use it the other way round, it can be opened very easily. So, when kids are not around, you can easily take out the pills in a hurry.

Cups and Paper

One of the best parts of dining at a fast-food restaurant is the sauces. Sometimes they come in some cups, and sometimes you can serve them yourselves. The small folded paper cups can hold only a tiny amount of the sauce or toppings.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeCups and Paper

Who can be bothered to go through the trouble of getting up constantly to get a refill? However, the small folded cups can be unfolded to form some large cups, where you can put on a considerable amount of sauce and relish the food.

Pom-Poms on the Beanie

Winter is coming, so you can take out the pom-pom sewn beanie from your wardrobe. The fur strapped beanies with the pom-poms were invented by the Vikings to keep the cold off. The pom-poms certainly add to the style statement and give the beanie a classy look. But they serve another purpose as well.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposePom-Poms in the Beanie

The beanie was used by the Vikings to keep their ears warm. The pom-poms were attached to keep the seams from coming apart.

Bottle-Neck Has a Purpose

Have you ever wondered why the bottle is shaped as it is? It is fatter towards the base and tapers towards the neck. It was thus designed to serve a purpose. We should hold the bottles on the neck portion, where it is narrow and contains less liquid.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeBottle-Neck Has a Purpose

Holding the bottle elsewhere, where there is more liquid, would cause the entire fluid to gain heat from the warmer temperature of our palms. So, the next time you hold on to a bottle of cold drinks, hold it by the neck!

Staple in Style

How many of you have hurt your fingers while trying to pull off the pins after stapling the wrong sheet of paper? It is one of the toughest jobs one can be given. However, there seems to be a hack for solving this problem, which most of us are unaware of. You must have noticed the metal plate, called the anvil, at the end of the stapler.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeStaple in Style

Turn the stapler upside down. Spin the wheel so that it is aligned with the holes. Now staple the sheets. It is a temporary stapling, and you can easily pull out the pins.

Erase Neatly

Were always shocked when we discover the facts we believed in were misleading! This was especially the case with two-toned erasers. One side was thought to erase the pen ink. We grew up with this irritating misinformation and found the hard truth that it does not.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeErase Neatly

However, the darker side of the eraser has a purpose. It is meant to be used on some artist quality papers, which are more prone to getting torn by a small amount of friction.

Colorful Tooth Paste

How many of you have noticed the three stripes of red, white, and blue on toothpaste covers? What do they symbolize? The companies are not imitating the colors of the flag, for sure. Earlier, people thought that just cleaning the teeth was enough. Later, they began to realize that a fresh smell from the mouth also mattered. Aqua Fresh added a blue strip with white to signify that the paste looks after the sweet odor.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeColorful Tooth Paste

With the advancement of time, consumers also began to pay attention to the health of their gums. It was then that companies started adding a red stripe along with white and blue, assuring the customers that all three aspects of mouth hygiene are maintained.

Counterfeit Coins

While filling your pockets with dimes and pennies, did you observe the subtle difference? The dimes and quarters have a ridged edge, while pennies and nickels are smooth. Back in the past, people used to shave off the sides, melt them and eke out new coins.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeCounterfeit Coins

What an excellent tactic for making money out of money! To stop the fake coins from being produced, rough edges were added to differentiate between the real ones and the shaven ones.

Glistening Nails

Did you know that toothpaste can be used for more than just cleaning your teeth? Yes, the same ingredients you use to keep your teeth fresh and clean can be used for glowing and clean nails.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeGlistening Nails

After removing the nail polish, apply a layer of the paste on your nails. Keep it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub it off gently to get rid of the yellow stains from your nails. Flaunt your bright and clean nails with a whitening toothpaste.

Chocolate Mystery

Just the very thought of the iconic triangular Toblerone chocolates is mouth-watering. The creamy chocolate melts in the mouth and takes you to the land of dreams. The cone-shaped chocolate is believed to represent the Swiss Alps in Switzerland.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeChocolate Mystery

But it turns out that the shape has a purpose. Chocolate makers designed the configuration so that by applying a little pressure on the flat side, it can break easily into even pieces. Now all your guests can enjoy just the right amount at a time!

The Warm Drawer

Some stove ovens come with a small drawer below them. The users remain perplexed about its use. Many use the place to store cookies, Biscuits, and maybe some dry food.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeThe Warm Drawer

But the manufacturers made the drawer for a different purpose. They made it as a warming drawer where you can store the cooked food and keep it warm. You are advised not to use the place as a storage drawer.

Foam on the Microphone

You must have noticed the cover over the mic when you use a microphone attached to a pair of headphones. The foam sock acts as a noise absorber and reduces unwanted background noise.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeFoam on the Microphone

It improves the quality of the recording, as the foamy material over the mic slows down the airflow. The explosive consonants or sometimes the forceful breaths are completely cut out of the mic, making you heard much better.

Cotton Pads and Their Dual Role

Well, this one is for make-up freaks. Have you noticed that the two sides of cotton pads are different? One side is smooth and beautiful, while the other is rough and embossed with delicate stitches. Each side of the pad serves its purpose.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeCotton Pads and Their Dual Role

The finer side is meant to remove facial and eye make up, while the rough side can be used to remove nail polish or apply skin toners. Pack up, ladies. Use the right side!

Shield the Microwave Oven

Everyone has observed the black grating on the microwave oven window. The tiny black holes are not for the design and decoration of the device, they make up the Faraday Shield, which prevents the radiation from coming out of the oven.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeShield the Microwave Oven

The microwave oven radiates individual waves that make the particles of the food vibrate and gain energy. This energy produced by radiation is converted into heat. The grating on the Faraday Shield keeps the radiation inside the oven. Otherwise, the emissions would leak outside, and the food would not get any warmer.

Grooves on the Tyres

The tyres on the vehicle are not smooth but are adorned with various patterns of marks, ridges, and grooves. They are not there to hike up the classy style of your car. Instead, they are meant to increase the safety of your vehicle.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeGrooves on the Tyres

The rough tire surface increases friction on the road and prevents the car from skidding. Also, they allow a passage for the water to drain off when the tyres are out in the rain.

Colorful Scoops

When it comes to ice-creams, kids and adults alike find themselves going crazy over the flavors. If you have noticed, ice cream shops use scoops that are made up of different colors. We never cared to bother about the reason.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeColorful Scoops

But they have their meanings for the ice cream workers. In a busy shop, the colored scoops not only indicate the size but also prevents intermixing of one flavor with another.

Hygienic Toothpick

Well, this bit of information will blow you out! You have all come across toothpicks to cleanse your teeth after relishing dinner at the restaurant. The ends of some toothpicks have a ridge and groove.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeHygienic Toothpick

That is not a design. It is not even meant to improve the grip. Most of us have missed the point. You need to break off that portion and place the toothpick on it. The broken off part acts as a toothpick holder. It is clean and hygienic, that doesnt let the toothpick touch the surface of the table.

Spike to Tear Off the Seal

Were sure most of you have wondered about the spike on toothpaste caps or ointments. Many have even tried to poke themselves and turn it all around to find its use. They were not made to inflict self-harm!

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeSpike to Tear Off the Seal

It is used to puncture the thin seal that covers the mouths of toothpaste or ointment tubes. Now, no more will you have to be frustrated in trying to take off the seal. Just turn the cap and get it done.

Buttons and Class

Buttons are used to keep the clothes tight and fitting. This is pretty much general knowledge. But have you ever wondered why the buttons on most womens shirts are stitched on the left? Most of us are right-handed. So why is this peculiarity?

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeButtons and Class

Well, it is a subtle way to show class and financial status. If your buttons on the left are closed, it shows that they have been buttoned up by your maid. So gear up, button-up, and flaunt your style (status)!

Using the Last Drop

We all make it a point to use every bit of our hard-earned money. Be it deodorant or toothpaste, we always try to squeeze out the very last drop.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeUsing the Last Drop

Here is a hack to ensure that not a bit of the deodorant goes to waste. When you feel you are the end of the stick, unscrew the bottom. You can lift the bottom base using a pencil. That simple step is enough to last you for at least another week.

Eat With Fun and Style

Love to munch on addictive chips? But at a certain point, our hands are too big to reach the containers depth and pick them up one at a time. You can insert a piece paper on the inner surface of the Pringles can and allow the chips to slide along.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeEat With Fun and Style

You now have easy access to the delicious snack! You can, of course, pour them out into a bowl. But where is the fun part and style of eating then?

Aluminum Foil

One of the most challenging tasks is to rip a specific amount of aluminum foil. It seems you need the exact amount of pressure to rip off the amount you want. But take a closer look. You will find specific indentations on the sides or some marks where you are instructed to apply pressure.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeAluminum Foil

All you need to do is use some force on those sides. The walls will cave in, and the foil will be locked into place. Now you can just tear off the piece you need with no struggle!

Tap on the Heinz 57

Each of us has faced the difficulty of squeezing out the last drop of condiment from the ketchup bottle. But have you ever noticed the 57 written on the neck of the Heinz bottle?

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeTap on the Heinz 57

It serves one purpose of reminding the consumers of its trademark advertisement. However, it has another mission as well. When the last unyielding bit would not come out of the bottle, tap firmly on the 57 on the bottles neck. The sauce will pour out easily.

Little Drying Packets

The small closed packets of silica gel inside water bottles or phone boxes were once an object of wonder. As we grew up, we came to know they are used to preserve the products freshness as written on the packet.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeLittle Drying Packets

How exactly does the silica gel help? The silica gel is a desiccating agent that helps to dry the product and absorb moisture. Store the packets in a safe place. When you need to dry the items like your phone, keep it in the vicinity of the silica gel packets.

Straps of Support

When the Levis jeans were initially launched, they were commonly worn by the working class of California in the 1850s. It was the trouser of choice. The problem that the product faced was that the stitches of the trouser would often come open due to stress and weathering.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeStraps of Support

The extra flaps and metal rivets were added to prevent this and render the trousers more durable. So, the extra flap is more than mere fashion.

Arrow to the Tank

It is embarrassing to find that you have parked your car on the wrong side of the gas station for filling up the fuel tank. You will breathe out a sigh of relief to know that you are not the only one.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeArrow to the Tank

But your car actually has an indication of the side where your fuel tank is placed! Look at the gas signal light on the vehicle. There is an arrow just beside the pump icon. The arrow indicates the side where the fuel tank is positioned. Drive safe, drive smart!

Boot Loops

Isnt it surprising to discover that most of the fashion trends today are more than just style statements? Take the boot loops at the back, for instance.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeBoot Loops

You can use these loops to hang the boots to dry them out after stepping in snow or a puddle. Or you can use the loop and pull it to apply extra force and push your foot inside the shoes.

Stop the Glaring Lights

We all know the function of the rearview mirror. There is a small tab at the bottom, which has an amazing purpose. Who knew?

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeStop the Glaring Lights

You must have been blinded by the glaring light of the vehicles behind you if you have the experience of driving at night. Just flip the tab at the bottom of the mirror. The mirror will prevent the flashing lights from hurting your eyes. But you can still see the reflection of the cars behind you.

Loops on the Shirt

Loops on clothes are all the rage. Have you noticed the loop on the back side of button-down shirts? It is more than just a style statement, it also helps keep the shirt crisp and free of wrinkles.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeLoops on the Shirt

Also known as Locker Loops, you can hang the shirts using the loop. Dry the shirt and maintain the style.

Straw and Soda Can

There is more to the cans opening tab than you thought. The soda can be opened by applying pressure on the tab. It serves more functions as well. Most of us have not utilized the hole on the tab.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeStraw and Soda Can

Once you have opened the tab, flip it on the other side, and put the straw through the hole. It is meant to serve as the straw holder.

Keep the Bugs Off the Clothes

The wooden hangers are a class higher than the plastic or metal hangers, but they are a tad more expensive. What is the reason behind this? You must have wondered.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeKeep the Bugs Off the Clothes

The wooden pegs are made of cedarwood. This wood has the property to keep bugs away from the clothes. Apart from being fancy, the hangers also keep the clothes pest free. Style, fanciness, and cleanliness come packed together in the cedar wood hangers.

Use a Peeler on an Onion

Dont you just hate it when you spend too much time chopping an onion and you start to uncontrollably cry? Its not sadness, its just that annoying onion and its chemical irritants! The following hack though should make things a little easier for you.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeUse a Peeler on an Onion

Instead of tediously chopping away for way too long, simply take a vegetable peeler and start peeling away instead. Shave thin slices from the middle of the onion. It will save you a lot of time and tears!

Hang Your Hangers During a Move

Moving to another house can be a real hassle. So if there are any hacks that can make things just a little less challenging then we will gladly try them out. Clothes hangers are really useful in this situation. Exhibit A.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeHang Your Hangers During a Move

If you hang your clothes hangers from another hanger or a couple, youll be able to relocate your wardrobe with relative ease and not have to spend ages rendering everything. Good luck with the move!

Circular Indentations On Milk Jugs

There was a lot more thought that went into the design of milk jugs than we might have thought. Everyone has noticed the circular dimples on a gallon of milk, but most of us probably dont know the specific reason those dimples exist.

30+ Everyday Items and Their Intended PurposeCircular Indentations On Milk Jugs

It turns out those circular indentations are used to indicate when the milk has expired. When milk goes bad, there are gasses that are released causing the jug to bulge outward. So next time you see that happening to your milk, be sure to double-check the expiration date!

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