30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday Problems

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsClever Japenese Solutions to Any Problem

There are just some things that, though they seem small, can make a huge impact on the type of day you have. Whether it’s an inconvenience of your time or just something that constantly bugs you, there are some unique ways to deal with these issues. One nation that gets a lot of stuff right is Japan. They have crafted some unique ways to solve everyday problems and we thought you would be interested in seeing them. We have pulled together 30+ brilliant ways the Japanese solve everyday problems. Some of them seem rather obvious, and others are just plain fun!

It’s Getting Steamy

You have just stepped out of a hot shower, and you are getting ready to head out for a fun-filled night on the town. You still need to do all your primping and prepping, but the mirror is fogged up.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsIt’s Getting Steamy

Maybe you reach over and wipe it off with your hands. That leaves streaks, though, and it starts to fog right back up, but not with this mirror! It is built with a heating element to keep the mirror from fogging up.

Do You Have a Napkin?

How many times have you gotten to a place and needed to get rid of the gum you were chewing? Probably a lot, but what did you do? Find a scrap of paper and wrap it up in that? Maybe you just spit it out on the ground, leaving it there for someone to step in later.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsDo You Have a Napkin?

The Japanese have solved this problem. Some gums will come with a small packet of paper that kind of looks like a post-it note pad.

No Need For a Shovel

In the north of Japan, it can get very cold during the winter, and there is more than enough snow to enjoy a nice ski vacation. Because of this cold and snow, though, the northern cities had to get a little creative to ensure safety on the streets and sidewalks.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsNo Need For a Shovel

That is why the cities have invested in systems that heat their sidewalks and roads to remove the ice and snow. These systems are powered by local hot springs when possible, as well as electricity gathered with solar panels. That is so smart!

Go and Throw

Accidents happen! Sometimes, you get put in a situation where you need to go, and either you can’t or you have nowhere to use the restroom. That is why many Japanese purchase disposable toilets.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsGo and Throw

These portable bathrooms absorb the odor and gelify any liquids. With these little tools that are easy to carry around, you can be ready for any need that may arise. Many Japanese also use them for older relatives, too. Smart idea!

Sock Rolling Is Annoying!

Everyone knows about Japanese school uniforms. If you have ever seen anime in your life, you know they are an integral part of the Japanese education system. Typically, they consist of a plaid skirt, white shirt, blazer, a tie, and those cute long socks.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsSock Rolling Is Annoying!

After a while, socks lose their elasticity, and that means they tend to roll or slip down. The Japanese have solved this problem. They use a glue specifically designed for this problem, and it keeps the socks up and in place.

Cold Sores Suck!

There are many cure-alls for cold sores that are on the exterior of your mouth, but what is more annoying than one on the inside? Not much! Having a cold sore inside the mouth can be painful and frustrating when you try to eat, right?

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsCold Sores Suck!

Well, the Japanese have a solution for that. These little tabs! They get placed on the cold sore and almost immediately begin to work. The pain is decreased, and the healing can begin!

Where Are the Trash Cans?

If you have ever visited any city in Japan, you may notice that there are not a lot of trash cans around. Where you do find trash cans, there will be several bins so that you can separate your trash out.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsWhere Are the Trash Cans?

The lack of trash cans makes for a clean-looking city and is also why you will often see Japanese walking around with plastic bags of trash. They will even pick up trash off of the ground and carry it with them until they find a trash can. Not only is this a great idea for aesthetics, but it is eco-conscious, as well.

No Need For Band-Aids

The Japanese often use an alternative option to the common band-aid. Band-aids are made of materials that are not necessarily friendly to the Earth. Instead of using these first-aid tools, the Japanese are fond of a liquid bandage. In essence, this is surgical glue.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsNo Need For Band-Aids

The application of this glue is easy, it withstands water, and it still allows the wound to heal. It can also be used in many other ways, like for wounds that have cracked edges.

Technology Helps Open Doors

Most of us think of technology when we think of Japan. For instance, many of the apartments and buildings are fitted with card readers that can be used to open the doors of the structure.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsTechnology Helps Open Doors

Some of these use RFID chips, some will use fingerprints, and there are even some that you can use a smartphone app to operate. This definitely solves the problem of losing your keys!

Earth-Friendly Dishes

In many places across the globe, the use of plastic dishes is still a huge thing. Though the world may be beginning to transition to more ecologically friendly dining ware options, the Japanese have been doing this for a long time.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsEarth-Friendly Dishes

The Japanese often use bamboo for their dinnerware. It is a plant that is easy to use, and it grows back very quickly once chopped down. This makes it a great option to make durable dishes that don’t harm the planet.

Rinse and Spit!

When you look at pictures of Japan, you often see people wearing masks, or even gloves. This is because the Japanese are very mindful of bacteria, and if they are sick, they try to keep from passing it to others, which is very considerate.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsRinse and Spit!

This focus on staying bacteria-free goes beyond the mask, though. In fact, when they arrive home, it is very common that they not only wash their hands, but brush and gargle, as well.

Have a Seat

In Japan, it is not uncommon to sit down when showering for comfort and to make things easier. From this vantage point, you can ensure the water is the right temp before jumping underneath.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsHave a Seat

This is why, in Japan, many bathrooms are fitted with a drain in the middle of the floor. This makes it one big shower and much easier to clean up afterward. When you are done, you use the shower head to hose everything down, and it all goes into one centralized drain.

Long Distance Control

Many Japanese homes also have a control panel in other rooms to control many functions in the bathroom. Some will have the ability to start the tub running, and all of them will have controls to manage the temperature in the room, as well as the humidity.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsLong Distance Control

This is nice because you can multitask while your tub is filling and heating up. It is also a common practice to dry clothes in the bathroom, so having the ability to adjust the temperature could speed that process up, as well.

Space Efficiency

Japan is an island with a lot of people living on it. This makes space efficiency in their already tiny apartments a crucial consideration. This unique solution to their problem comes from tradition and necessity.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsSpace Efficiency

Under many gas burners, there is a small oven compartment. This can be used to grill their morning breakfast of fish or vegetables or to reheat leftovers. The small oven takes up almost no space and doesn’t use a lot of gas, either. Clever and useful, don’t you think?

Making Food Fun

The look of food is as important in Japanese culture as the taste. Whether you’re a chef in a famous sushi restaurant or just a mom trying to get your kids to eat their food, presentation matters.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsMaking Food Fun

That is why there are many gadgets that are used to stylize food like these boiled egg imprinters. Peel your egg and place it inside the little contraption, and in a matter of minutes, that bland and boring boiled egg has a fun design.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Once again, there is limited space in Japan, which is why there are so many tall buildings. This is also why there is a need for furniture that can be used in multiple ways, like this children’s desk.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsMulti-Functional Furniture

Having a piece of furniture that can be used not only as a desk for the little ones to work at, but also as storage space for all their toys at night, is ingenious. This will keep the small amount of space that is available tidy and neat, and that is a good thing.

Biodegradable News

If you haven’t already noticed that Japan is big on its sustainability practices, when you learn about this awesome solution, you will know for sure how dedicated they are to this cause. A little while back, one of the newspaper publishers made a bold decision.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsBiodegradable News

They decided that their newspapers would be printed on paper that housed seed in it. This meant that if you planted the newspaper after reading the headlines and the funnies, you could actually grow your garden. Amazing!

Hidden Storage

In order to make future potential maintenance and engineering problems quicker and less invasive, the Japanese made a clever adjustment to their building process. There is a small space left between the foundation and the floor.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsHidden Storage

This allows the workers to lay down on a small cart and slide underneath the structure to fix problems. This area also eliminates drafts and makes the floors a little warmer. Many also have small cellars or compartments that can be used to store foods.

Scalp Treatments!?

We all know that blow-drying our hair too much can be dangerous and damaging. The heat from the hairdryer dries our scalps out, and that can hurt the hair follicles, causing them to become brittle.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsScalp Treatments!?

One Japanese inventor came up with a way to combat this, though. They manufactured a hairdryer that is equipped with a collagen-filled cartridge. This cartridge disperses the particles, which then helps with your scalps health.

Integrated Cleanliness

Cleanliness is important in Japanese culture, and that is why they have such innovative bathrooms. One of the features you will see there is an automated sink that has everything built into it.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsIntegrated Cleanliness

All you have to do is put your hands under a sensor, and the soap and water are dispensed. Not only is this space-efficient, but it also helps with energy use, as well. Plus, it ensures that you don’t have to touch anything with dirty hands.

No Harsh Chemicals!

To get that youthful glow, many women resort to chemical face peels. Though not harmful, per se, they are not as gentle as water. These types of treatments are also not great if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsNo Harsh Chemicals!

Why not use water then? This unique Japanese invention uses water to execute a face peel that will help you achieve that beautiful, flawless skin you have always wanted.

It’s Okay To Lick Your Fingers, Right?

When you are getting a party together, you usually make some sort of buffet-style snack table. What if peoples hands are dirty? What if they want to keep clean when they are enjoying those delicious snacks?

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsIt’s Okay To Lick Your Fingers, Right?

Simple! Just use these snack tongs, which make eating any snack easy and sanitary. You can reach in with the long tools and grab that piece of popcorn without any chance of getting dirty or being worried about eating food that has been touched by someone who doesn’t clean their hands very well.

You Don’t Have To Be Lonely

Sometimes, you just want to cuddle up with someone, but if youre single, that could be a problem. To deal with this problem, someone took full-body pillows and created covers that have pictures on them.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsYou Don’t Have To Be Lonely

When these were first brought to the market, it was primarily for kids, but as they got more popular, the makers realized adults could use them, too. These pillowcases come with animals, anime characters, and famous actors on them.

Seasonal Food

There are a lot of countries where you can get any type of vegetable and fruit at any time of the year. However, this is not part of a sustainable living practice, not like staying with a seasonal diet.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsSeasonal Food

The Japanese go with this style of food sourcing, and because of it, you may find some unique combinations that you would have never thought of. On top of this, they are not wasteful, so there are a lot of preserved, dried, or even pickled foods.

No More Splashes

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most horrible chores imaginable. You have to use that wire brush to get up and under crevices, and there is inevitably some splash that jumps up onto your hand or arm as you scrub.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsNo More Splashes

With their focus on staying away from bacteria, it is no surprise that someone in Japan made this toilet cleaning brush so you don’t have to worry about that. Click on a cloth that is loaded with toilet cleaner, and when you are done, just press a button. The cloth drops into the toilet and all you have to do is flush.

Elderly VR Troopers

Virtual reality has been evolving for years, and now, it is used in a lot of different ways. You can use it for video games, to test your skills at driving, and even in the medical field. It is mostly used for video games, though.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsElderly VR Troopers

Video games have been around for a while, so it is no surprise that the age of a gamer has risen. By using VR, older gamers can keep their body and minds up to par and live a happier, healthier life. Isn’t technology amazing?

Combo Technology

Designing things that are responsive has been around for decades, but as the modern age dawned, this design changed just a bit. Designs are built to accommodate new trends, as well as new technology.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsCombo Technology

Look at the sewing machine above, which was designed with the ability to be controlled via an old school Game Boy Color. All you have to do is plop your Gameboy into the appropriate slot and use the controls to navigate sewing those new drapes. Pretty ingenious if you ask us!

Do You Hear That?

Public toilets can be nerve-racking when you realize that other people can hear everything you are doing. In fact, there are some people who refuse to sue public facilities because of this very reason.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsDo You Hear That?

To allow you to have your privacy and to be polite to those around you, some Japanese public restrooms have added some useful features. It is not unusual to see control panels like this that help you navigate the use of the toilet and offer music for privacy.

Puddle Jumper

There are few things that kids like more than jumping in puddles after rain. It is a simple yet universal urge that we all have. That is why there are some preschools in Japan that collect rainwater in a central area.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsPuddle Jumper

By capturing rainwater in a shallow indentation, the school provides a fun and physical activity for the students to enjoy during recess. Let’s be honest, this would be cool even as an adult.

Follow Me

When you are vision-impaired, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome. Getting around can be done easily in places that you frequent regularly. However, navigation becomes a little more challenging in public.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsFollow Me

That is why many of the sidewalks in Japanese cities have patterns and grooves like the ones above. These are intended to help guide the visually impaired on their way. By feeling their way through, they can do more.

Compressed T-Shirts

Having an extra set of clothes with you at any given time can take up a lot of space and isnt necessarily the easiest thing to carry around. In Japan though, you can purchase items of clothing that come compressed into a tiny vacuumed cube.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsCompressed T-Shirts

Gone are the days that you have to carry tons of bags of new clothes home with you. Instead, you can fit a lot more of these compressed T-shirts, for example, into a bag.

Public Strollers

Now, in order to fully appreciate the following solution that can often be found in parts of Japan, we need to get into the mindset of the people there. While in other parts of the world it might seem strange to use a public stroller provided by a supermarket or a store of some kind, it is perfectly normal in the Land of the Rising Sun.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsPublic Strollers

People will carry their children from their car or public transport to the store and then benefit from the public strollers that are available.

Turtle Taxi Button

It seems like annoying taxi drivers who drive way too quickly for their own good is something that can be found in all parts of the world and in all cultures, including Japan.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsTurtle Taxi Button

However, the drivers in this country are self-aware when it comes to their bad habits and have even installed facilities that help provide a more laidback experience for the passengers. Take this turtle taxi button, for example. If one presses this button, it will prompt the driver to slow down.

Smartphone Cleaning Paper

We underestimate how dirty our smartphones can get. The amount of germs we can transfer from random surfaces to our phone is absolutely staggering. Just because you cant see all of this bacteria doesnt mean its not there.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsSmartphone Cleaning Paper

Some Japanese companies are well aware of this and have even created the smartphone equivalent of toilet paper. If you have a pack of these pieces of paper on you, you can use it to remove any smudges or dirt from your touchscreen.

Heavy Lifting Carts

Shopping can be an exhausting activity, which has led many to resort to having orders delivered. Of course, you could always just put all of your shopping into the trunk of your car, but then again, not everyone has cars! This is something that the Japanese people understand well enough.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsHeavy Lifting Carts

So its not strange to see many taking carts to shopping malls specifically to carry all of the boxes and appliances that would usually be a nightmare to transport, especially up and down stairs.

Digital Maps to Locate Available Bathroom Stalls

Many of us have wasted so much time trying to find a bathroom stall that is unoccupied. Some knock on the doors or yell to check if anyone is on the other side doing their business. In parts of Japan though, there is no need to do any of those things.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsDigital Maps to Locate Available Bathroom Stalls

All you have to do is take a look at the digital map at the entrance of the public restroom and the colors indicate which stalls are free.

High Tech Parking Spaces

Parking our cars in a parking lot with many levels can be confusing and time-consuming, to say the very least. After you return to your car to leave the premises, it can take ages simply to locate your vehicle as you have already forgotten exactly where you parked it.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsHigh Tech Parking Spaces

In Japan though, there are high tech parking structures that place cars on conveyor belts. This means you can easily have your car returned to you once you are done with your shopping.

Talk About a Birds Eye View

Have you ever wondered what kind of view the pilot has that is flying the plane you are a passenger on? While those sitting next to the window get a decent view, it pales in comparison to the front view that a pilot gets.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsTalk About a Birds Eye View

Certain Japanese airlines take this into consideration and like to give passengers a glimpse into the view of the pilot. They will specifically connect a camera to the front window of the plane and broadcast footage on each passengers private TV.

Obvious Priority Seating

Wherever you may be in the world, it seems to be a universal law that there are certain people who are more entitled to have a seat on public transport. These include the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, and parents holding their small children.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsObvious Priority Seating

Amazingly though, some people still are not aware of such expectations and so this Japanese train has provided clear cues on the seats to remind passengers of who to consider for priority seating.

Personal Filters for Coffee

Everyone seems to have their preferred way to drink coffee. Some like filtered coffee, while others like to use a French press. Then there are those who like to use espresso capsules. The possibilities are endless.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsPersonal Filters for Coffee

In Japan though, there are many who like to prepare their coffee the following way, with small filters that are essentially the coffee equivalent of a teabag. Were surprised we dont see this being practiced more often throughout the world.

Rainbow Luggage Lines

Waiting to pick up your luggage after a long flight can take so long and be such an anticlimactic experience to your journey. All you want to do is take your stuff and enjoy your vacation. Lets be honest, most people dont bother making their bags look unique and so many look the same. How can you spot which one is yours?

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsRainbow Luggage Lines

Well, certain Japanese airports carry out the following procedure in order to identify your bag much quicker. We can definitely get behind this.

Private Hotel Stations

Many believe that Japan is the very best country when it comes to utilizing space and making things as convenient for customers as possible. This is partly due to the fact that this country has a lot less space than others and so had no choice but to get creative.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsPrivate Hotel Stations

In many Japanese hotels, there is a private pod capsule format that provides just the right amount of bedding, Wi-Fi, and even TV. Travelers definitely benefit from this cheap alternative.

Elevator Rain Warning Lights

Have you ever stepped foot into an elevator and upon exiting it, you realize that its raining outside and you werent prepared in the slightest for it? Well, there seem to be numerous Japanese elevators that are prepared for this exact scenario.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsElevator Rain Warning Lights

There are specific bulbs with a logo of an umbrella on them that will light up whenever it starts to rain. That way, people on the elevator can either get their umbrellas ready or go back to their desired floor to collect it.

Automatic Taxi Doors

One thing that might catch a lot of tourists off guard upon arriving in Japan are the automatic doors that practically all taxis seem to have. Amazingly, while this is something that seems strange and advanced for outsiders, it is actually something that has been in place in this country for over half a century.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsAutomatic Taxi Doors

When Japan hosted the Tokyo Olympics back in 1964, many automatic doors were installed onto taxis to make transportation flow better and quicker.

Public Glasses

Many people who wear glasses know how annoying it can be to forget to take them with you when you leave the house. The people of Japan are familiar with this predicament and there are many places that provide people with a solution to this problem.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsPublic Reading Glasses

While it might not be the most hygienic service of all time, many people benefit from the kind gesture, especially when seeing can be such a huge struggle without a pair of glasses.

No More Bad Breath

When youre out on the town with a special someone, dinner will definitely be part of the event. Most of us will steer clear of foods that may give us bad breath in case we need clean, minty breath later.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsNo More Bad Breath

This limits your options when it comes to food, but this restaurant has figured it all out for you. No more worries, just head to the bathroom and use their mouthwash dispenser.

A Seat With a View

Getting to travel is an amazing gift in life. You get to experience new cultures and meet new people, but it also means a lot of time spent on transportation. Often, this means hours sitting in a stationary chair trying to maneuver yourself to be able to see out of the window.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsA Seat With a View

Japanese trains have figured this problem out, also. These vehicles are designed with a chair that can swivel into position, so you can see the sights no matter which direction you are going.

Here Hold This

When you are a parent, there are a lot of things that are difficult to do. There are many alterations to daily activities, and that includes going to the restroom, especially when you are in public areas.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsHere Hold This

For instance, when you need to go to the bathroom, if you are out and about on your own, what do you do with the baby when nature calls? The public restrooms in Japan have you covered. Inside the stall, they have mounted car seats so that you can set your child down securely while you do what you have to do.

Be Prepared

Japan is an island, as we have already mentioned several times, and because it is an island, there are times of the year when it gets quite rainy. One of the common forms of transportation is a bicycle, and riding a bike in the rain is not very fun.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsBe Prepared

Additionally, it is illegal in Japan to ride a bike with an umbrella in your hand, which sounds reasonable. That is why some genius came up with a holder you can mount on your handlebars for an umbrella. Problem solved.

Back Alleys Don’t Have To Look Scary

Large cities in Japan tend to be very commercial looking, with large blocks of concrete buildings. Sure, in between these blocks are parks and skyscrapers made of glass, but on a whole, they look very bland.

30+ Brilliant Ways the Japanese Solve Everyday ProblemsBack Alleys Don’t Have To Look Scary

There is also the thought that there is no land for anyone to plant a garden, at least in the cities. Thus, the Japanese have gotten creative and use the sidewalks outside their homes as little gardening areas. On warm days, you will find many back alleys or small sidewalk areas lined with beautiful green plants and flowers.

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