Is Global Surveillance Technology Boon or Bane? Does It Destroy Privacy? Basics

Is Global Surveillance Technology Boon or Bane? Does It Destroy Privacy? Basics

Really, global surveillance society is doing the job perfectly for life care, and awe-inspiring property protection as well.

Is the world being invaded by terrorists and miscreants? Is it now a den for ISIS militants?

Therefore, people need more innovative monitoring systems to track strangers. Global cybercrime is now horrendously increasing to build up threat to warn people. In public places, hotels, restaurants, home, car parking lot, and movie halls, you will find hidden peanut shaped spy cams which record the footsteps of unknown intruders. Obviously, this crime inhibition program is effective to New Millennials. However, many hardcore critics blame government for introducing sophisticated surveillance aids to do the society detoxification removing side effects of fraudulence, terrorism and online bullying. It is a complicated topic as there is no immediate solution to Generation Z.

Pros and cons of Global Surveillance

Is Global Surveillance Technology Boon or Bane? Does It Destroy Privacy? Basics

When someone attacks you, it is unpredictable. You were not prepared to have such caustic treatment from criminals. Same way, school children were hijacked by terrorists. They were kidnapped and tortured. Parents were compelled to give ransom to miscreants for taking back their kids. Well, science and technology must have few easy remedies to enable humans to have quick safeguards. Government and other commercial sectors prefer the innovation in upgrading monitoring systems. Internet enabled small data security portals have cloud computing network. The hacking tools are identified to capture wicked fraudulent persons.

However, extra interference is disturbing citizens who are not happy. Their privacy is not maintained. They complain that someone is seen watching them behind. It is embarrassing and they should have support from administration to deactivate such monitoring systems. Frankly speaking, UN Declaration of Human Rights Commission admits the importance of right to expression. Privacy gives opportunity to a person to enjoy freedom in developing his expertise and expressing his demand. If anyone is deprived of maintaining privacy, he will be wild just like a beast.

Experts need to analyze every intricate segment to assess the value of privacy. Complexities grow because of the enforcement of new law to reduce crime. The society needs an appropriate scanner which will perform as a Third Eye to correct people. They must not be tempted to do wrong doings. The dispute arises when the privacy clashed with surveillance process. Is it necessary to break the privacy for managing social follies and crime? Well, European Convention on Human Rights believes that educated citizens should not be exposed drastically. They have their own personal lives. So, intervention of third party is not supported. However, in America, UK and India, laws on privacy are not flexible.

EU Directive Supports Rights to Privacy

Is Global Surveillance Technology Boon or Bane? Does It Destroy Privacy? Basics

In 1998, European Union designed a directive in modified format for the sake of safeguarding individual privacy. Information or data of people should not be exported illegally in the name of data security. It is a national law for people to resist the interference of third parties without any serious cause. In this Directive, it has also been explained that technology is always beneficial to mankind.

It needs transparency and fairness to cleanse the society. In the UK, approximately 300 million pounds are laid aside per year for boosting up the monitoring industry. 200000 spy cams have been installed in different public facility centers including bas terminals, car parking zones, shops, and restaurants. Powerful e-governance, and internet based IOT enabled portals have been activated to enhance the flawless mobility in the surveillance. These ultra-modern wireless tools have night vision sensors with finger print sensing features.

Surveillance at Workplaces Worries Employees – Privacy at Stake

Is Global Surveillance Technology Boon or Bane? Does It Destroy Privacy? Basics

At work places, employers check running images and recorded messages to keep in touch with workers. Employees are worried whether their personal mobile phones are taped. Their email messages and sms are rechecked by employers. In washrooms, refreshment rooms and workstations, CCTV accessories are used by management of the company. Workers dither how to handle this type of prying issue. In Britain and Sweden, people have revolted against the generalization of surveillance technology to inhibit crime.

However these two nations are agreed to opt for the installation of hi-tech monitoring systems to reduce the attacks of external force. Global insurgents and moderate resistance groups kill innocent people. Their plots must be detected beforehand. If they place any bomb or grenade under the roof of a large building, it must be traced. So, London has changed its concepts and put emphasis on the advanced reconnaissance monitoring systems for usage. North America, Norway, and Australia have selected specific surveillance tools for handling anti-national activities.

Reasons of Accelerating Surveillance in China and Singapore

Is Global Surveillance Technology Boon or Bane? Does It Destroy Privacy? Basics

When cross border terrorism, jingoism and insurgency compel US administration to tighten the security system bringing more wireless accessories to track people, China is now giving bold challenge to US. Recently, China’s Unicom, a software company, has released a face recognition toolkit with capability of checking or identifying faces of strangers. China is technically innovated to modernize conventional monitoring method. In Beijing, these spy cams with face recognition sensors will be installed in shops, public centers, and side corners of offices.

These hidden cams will deliver data with snapshots of people. It is a big data with cloud system to enable Chinese administrators to spot suspected persons lurking in the crowd. Mei Jianming, top brass of anti-militancy and corruption prevention branch in Shanghai, admitted that newly launched monitoring accessories must be meticulous to detect unusual happenings quickly. Its infra-ray with high sensing capability will be helpful to police to capture urchins. On the other hand, many international political wings, and critics opine that China has had made this approach to nab Uighurs rebels. They are considered terrorists in China. US suspects that this type of powerful face detection machinery must be used against immigrants coming from America.

Beijing has the strategies to screen people with purpose of exploitation. It will have negative impact to continue relationship with America. The same move takes place in Singapore to conduct a compact counter-insurgency raid to deactivate terrorists. Government of Singapore is determined to use sophisticated spy cameras, interactive CTV sets and IOT enabled devices for tracking. It will do surveillance to analyze the behavior and movement of people. Newcomers from China, America, South Korea and North Korea will have to face such cross-verification process. Their faces will be scanned before issuing permits to stay in Singapore.


Is Global Surveillance Technology Boon or Bane? Does It Destroy Privacy? Basics

The trend in the global surveillance specialization needs to be evaluated. Communications Workers of America have reported that around 60 percent employees have stress due to the constant visualization of their faces. They perspire to receive phone calls intercepted by their bosses. Situation should be put under scanner to verify the usefulness of video surveillance to minimize untoward incidents. Court must have leading role to tailor an acceptable theory which doesn’t harm the emotions of people. It should decide to what extent visual surveillance technology is allowed to rule and when to stop.

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