Where & How to Buy Recreational Marijuana For Sale in Colorado

Recreational Marijuana

If you educate yourself, you’ll be able to find the best mj / pot

These are tips for buying recreational marijuana in Colorado. Whether you’re in Californian, Washington or any other state that the sale of marijuana is legal… these tips will help you find the best pot. Before I get into a “checklist” of things to look for, here’s a few points. Everyone has a different opinion on what “the best” weed is. Most pot tastes like it smells, so if you like the smell of a specific strain, you’ll probably like the taste. Typically, sativa strains give you more of an “upbeat” kind of high and indica strains are more of a mind numbing, heavy eye lids, very mellow type of high. However, any strain, when harvested to early can be a little less “stoney” and more of an upbeat buzz.

Everybody says they are selling the best, if you’re an educated buyer, you will see that most of what’s out there is mediocre.

Checklist for Buying Marijuana for Sale

  • Take a magnifying glass with you and look at the buds up close.
  • Check for gnats or other bugs on the buds.
  • Look for mold or mildew. It will almost always be white or “whiteish”.
  • Make sure it doesn’t smell like lawn grass, if it does, it wasn’t cure properly.
  • Squeeze a bud lightly between your thumb and a finger. If it crunches and crumbles, it’s too dry. If it doesn’t crumble, but doesn’t “bounce” back after you squeeze it a little, then it’s probably to moist. Ideally, it should be spongy.
  • If the bud is too dry, it doesn’t affect potency, but it could be a sign that the bud is “old”, in which case the potency could be affected.
  • If the marijuana is too moist, that doesn’t affect potency either, but if you don’t let it air out until it’s properly dry, it could mold.
  • If you really want the best representation of whatever strain you get, make sure that the tricomes / crystals on the buds are mostly orange or red. You will need a magnifying glass for this. If the crystals are all clear or white, then it was harvested to early. Ideally, you want to see at least 60 % of the crystals being orange or red.
  • A few seeds in a bud are not going to detract from the potency. You don’t want to smoke the seeds, but they don’t ruin the pot.
  • When you get the marijuana you bought home, put it in a glass container in a cool, dark place.
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