Colorado Marijuana For Sale

All of the images on this site
are of my marijuana plants
grown and photographed here in Colorado by me.

A large degree of the quality of any given marijuana strain is due to genetics. Growing conditions also play a large role in the quality. For example, if you plant a great strain of marijuana outside and do not give it any additional food other than what nature provides in the soil it will not reach it’s full potential. To put it another way, the strain quality depends on the genetics, but it also depends on the grower and his or her growing skills. So if you’ve had “trainwreck” or some other strain at a dispensary in Denver or elsewhere and weren’t that impressed, my trainwreck may still be worth trying.

There is no difference between “medical marijuana” and “recreational marijuana” other than from a legal standpoint. In other words, just because someone calls it “medical marijuana” doesn’t mean it’s any good.
I am constantly working on adding new strains to our menu.

Current Marijuana Strain Menu

Colorado Marijuana For Sale

$800 for 4 oz.  |  $425 for 2 oz.  |  $250 for 1 oz.  |   $150 for 1/2 oz.

Killer Queen
Casey Jones
Golden Goat
Pineapple Express
Strawberry Cough
Mendo Diesel

We regularly have the following strains available as well:

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