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How to go about buying pot / cannabis online, by Big Pie Pot in Colorado

The first thing you need to know about buying marijuana online is…. either you’re going to get ripped off, or it won’t get you high. I’m not talking about the people selling weed on craigslist or other “local” sites, (that’s a whole other discussion), I’m talking about all those websites that claim they ship mj worldwide and have dozens (at least) of strains.

Some of the owners of these sites are in other countries where there is really nothing you can do once they take your money. Many of these sites have all sorts of great pictures of their many strains with elaborate descriptions on taste and appearance. You can be sure that if you order their “cannabis”, and something does come in the mail, it will not be anything that will get you high… at all!

Marijuana For Sale Online in Colorado or California

Buy Marijuana / Pot Online

There are some legitimate places to order Marijuana online in Colorado & California from Colorado (or Cali) based mj businesses. This is kind of a grey area as far as legality is concerned but that hasn’t stopped a number of cannabis companies from doing it. Harborside Wellness for example in the San Francisco area. There are also a few in Denver, Colorado.

The dispensaries and recreational marijuana sellers are not going to send you mj in mail if you live out of state though. It just isn’t worth it to a legitimate business. You can give them stories or truths about how you really need it for medicinal purposes and are suffering without it, and while this may be true, and I sypathetic to the dilema, it just isn’t going to happen.

The only way you are going to get marijuana outside of California or Colorado is if you physically go there, pick it up, and bring it (or send it) back yourself. If you are going to do that, then your best bet is Colorado, since you won’t need a medical card to buy it.

Also, if you are going to Colorado to get cannabis for a medical (or just a personal) need, you’re smartest bet may be to just get bubble hash or wax or some other purified form of marijuana. An ounce of bubble hash fits in a much smaller area than an ouce of pot. Also, an ounce of hash or wax will last about 7 times longer.

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