Remember Top 6 Points Before Investing in ICO Industry

Remember Top 6 Points Before Investing in ICO Industry

Certainly, the Initial Coin Offering or ICO industry is controversial to investors. It is becoming more complicated to start-up financers. The decision of ICO banning is another caustic episode to rookies who dream of being rich by investing in ICO. Therefore, remember top six points to evaluate the financial investment in this digital crowd-funding industry.

Do Research Extensively

Remember Top 6 Points Before Investing in ICO Industry

Every day, check the awesome headlines, financial reports and blogs on crypto-currencies. Future of ICO is not improving because of the stagnation in the admin to run ICO. The reasons are different but critical. China has called ICOs as illegal hubs to cheat innocent citizens. Secondly, the method of hacking is innovated to swindle people strategically.

Major ICOs in South Korea and Japan are facing fast closure after the enforcement of stringent laws to ban this type of crowd funding centers to fertilize the crypto currency industry. The fluctuation in the appreciation value of digital coins disheartens investors. It is seen that near about 59 percent ICO projects have been switched off or kept on hold for indefinite period. Investors lost fund and cunning hackers got lot of profits by duping others. So, select the top ICOs which have good records.

Check the List of Banned ICOs

Remember Top 6 Points Before Investing in ICO Industry

If you are not familiar with the climate in the ICO industry, it will destroy you in the long run. Novice financers have to gather facts. In China, South Korea, Japan and even America, government has had to close ICOs due to swindling and scam. In case, you spend money to have niche in these banned ICOs, the damage and casualties will know no bounds. You will be bankrupt. Therefore, confirm yourself whether specific ICOs are active without any bad logo to display. Go to the customers who have invested earlier. Their comments online will help you to do analysis smartly.

Though Zug is thriving, Beijing is not giving shelter to crypto currencies traders. Over there, ICOs were told to pack up for leaving the nation. Same way, Japan and South Korea warned hackers not to interfere to ruin the national wealth. Money laundering cases have been registered. Higher authority of South Korea is planning to decentralize the public block chain. It will not be an autonomous ICO platform to try luck. It will be controlled by government. None is found answerable to government if anything happens with the ICO investment.

Technology Used by ICO

See, you must belong to IT world. Modern times are glossy. It registers the awe-inspiring progression in the technology. Especially, digital business world is undergoing compact innovation. So, cross examine whether the ICO has the best cloud based infrastructure to do the transaction. The data security, investment process, accounts sharing, data mining, and nodes configuration must be tuned up. My goodness! You will fall in surprise that blockchain is no longer the top alternative.

Hashgraph is on its way to overtake block chain. The speed, accuracy, data transfer mechanism and information management are excellent. Hashgraph is now most popular and it simplifies the technology to control crypto currency trading on internet. Stop bugging and ghost call. You should not shake hands with urchins. So, prior to complete documentation to make tie-up with ICO sectors, you must go through reviews to opt for the advanced ICO.

Read Whitepaper

Remember Top 6 Points Before Investing in ICO Industry

As an investor, you must have whitepaper to read information. You must give details about your ICO projects to raise fund from others. Therefore, you need a constructive roadmap which will give you a summary about the formalities of project implementation. Without site map and conclusion, it will be a failed project for you to survive.

Know about Advisory Board

Remember Top 6 Points Before Investing in ICO Industry

How does the team work to gear up the confidence of investors to join the crowd-funding center to boost up the crypto-currency trading? The advisory board should be responsible to regulate the admin properly. They will not hush up vital information and details about the coin investment process. Naturally, if your advisory committee is found hopeless and worthless, there is nothing but cutting off relationship with the team on-spot. Management of the ICO team should be well built with transparent vision. The ethics of ICO must have clarity.

Deep Probing about ICO Investment

See, if it is a local ICO hub with limited financial strength, it requires fund raising to develop the business. Then, why X is campaigning to have $150 million through the non-stop fund collection? Is it going down? Does it require fund for compensating the loss? A start-up ICO doesn’t have to hanker after such a big financial aid. So, before declaring your verdict, talk to consultants and professional digital currency traders. Cross check various index and survey reports on ICO crowd funding process. In 2017, in spite of earning million dollars in mid August, the ICOs tended to make nosedive with poor performance.


Remember Top 6 Points Before Investing in ICO Industry

You should not run against time. The trend in ICO needs to be observed. You can’t do anything alone to optimize the ICO in case other big bosses keep silent. You should be smart to choose better time for investing your money in ICO to have profits.

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