DIY Projects That Will Entertain Kids and Parents Alike

The holiday season means getting to spend a lot of time indoors with the family. After several days of staying indoors, spirits could start to go down, which means it’s time to shake things up. To keep the fun going and make sure that both the kids and adults are entertained, there are many DIY projects to try out.

Craft Gingerbread Houses

One of the fun and creative projects that everyone can take part in is building gingerbread houses. Of course, building sets can be bought from most supermarkets during the holiday season. However, this isn’t a limiting factor. It’s possible to get creative with whatever is available in the house. Instead of using dough and candy, use cardboard for the walls and the roof, cotton for the rooftop snow, and other arts and crafts materials you have for decoration.

Gingerbread houseDIY Projects That Will Entertain Kids and Parents Alike

Pillow Fort Projects

Who doesn’t love a cozy pillow fort? Parents and kids together can work on making a comfy fort using sheets, blankets, and pillows. To make the pillow fort even more special, use some Christmas lights to outline and decorate the entrance or the interior. Place a few plushies inside and the fort is ready for use! Plus, building it helped spend an hour or two creatively!

Pillow FortDIY Projects That Will Entertain Kids and Parents Alike

The Shoebox Projector Project

Make movie night more fun by making your own little movie projector. All that’s needed is an empty shoebox, the biggest magnifying glass you own, and a smartphone or a tablet. Cut a hole in one side of the box to match the size of the magnifying glass. Embed the magnifying glass in the hole so that it doesn’t move. Play the movie you like on your phone or tablet, lock the screen, and place the phone in the box opposite the magnifying glass. The movie will project through the glass onto a flat surface, so you can use this projector in that cozy fort you just built!

Shoe Box-Phone ProjectorDIY Projects That Will Entertain Kids and Parents Alike

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