Marijuana Clones For Sale

Big Pie has closed up shop & I’ve retired to Florida. I’ve left the site up though for informational purposes. Here’s a few reputable places you can find good clones.

Praxis Clones 303-886-4607 These guys have been around for a while and have some uncommon but good strains.

Nature’s Kiss 303-484-9327 These guys have also been around a while and usually have a good selection of healthy looking clones.

Every clone you buy will come with a 1/2 gram sample of the finished product so you can see what your plant will be like when it’s done. A clone is just a cutting that is a genetic copy or duplicate of the plant it was taken from. All of my clones are taken from mother plants that have been grown from seed puchased from the breeder. They are not clones of clones of clones bought at some dispensary in Denver, Colorado or passed around amongst friends. My mother plants are at least three months old before I start taking clones from them. Big Pie marijuana clones are rooted in a mix of 3/4 perilite, & 1/4 vermiculite. No dirt. They are being fed Dyna-Gro hydroponic nutrients at 280-380 ppm with a ph of 5.9 to 6.1 depending on size. Because of the perilite/vermiculite medium the cuttings are in, they should be watered every other day until transplanted. They can be transplanted into soil or rinse the root ball off in a pail of water and place them in your hydroponic set up. My marijuana clones are bug and disease free.

Big Pie clones are not really clones, they are plants with well formed roots. They are at least one month old. My clones sit under a 1,000 watt light for at least a week before they are ready. This means they are ready to place under the “big light” right away and will not need a break in period to get used to the intensity of a 1,000 watt light. My plants can’t be compared to the small, scrawny, mite infested clones that most dispensaries & clone stores sell in Colorado and California. These plants are ready to go into the bloom stage, but they should be given 6-10 days to get used to their new pot/home before they are put into bloom. 

If you need more than 20 clones, you can pre-order them for $15 each.

My plants are sold in two sizes
8″ – 11″ = 3 for $60
12″ – 15″ = 3 for $110

Current marijuana clones for sale in 2018

Marijuana Clones For Sale

Sold Out

We also have some seeds that we are parting with. These seeds are all from our personal collection that we are paring down. These prices are not negotiable and we are not interested in any sort of trades. Some of these are in their original packaging, some are not.

Here’s a list of what is available…

  • 2) Reservoir Seeds SSSDH (1 seed) $15 per seed (not feminized)
  • 3) Nirvana’s Bubbah Kush (2 seeds) $10 per seed (not feminized)
  • 6) Greenhouse Seeds Cheese (1 seed) $10 per seed (feminized)
  • 8) Dutch passion Power Plant (2 seeds) $10 per seed (feminized)
  • 9) Dutch passion Cali Orange (2 seed) $10 per seed (feminized)
  • 10) Sensi seeds Super Skunk (4 seeds) $10 per seed (not feminized)
  • 11) Devil Weed Seeds Blackberry Pearl (2 seeds) $10 per seed (not feminized)
  • 12) Reservoir Seeds Chemhaze x Chemdog (3 seeds) $15 per seed (not feminized)
  • 13) Sam the Skunkman Mixed Seeds x Haze/Skunk #1 (10 seeds unopened pack) $30 for the pack (not feminized)
  • 14) Sam the Skunkman Original Haze X Skunk#1 (4 seeds) $10 per seed (not feminized)
  • 16) PPP (4 seeds) $10 per seed (not feminized)
  • 17) MOD seeds- Godbud x dreamweaver and (Arjans x Cinnamon x DW) (8 seeds) $30 for the pack (not feminized)
  • 18) Chemdog X The Hog (20 seeds) $8 per seed (not feminized)
  • 19) Chemdog x (chemdog x skunk #1) (20 seeds) $10 per seed (not feminized) 23) Romulan (4 seeds) $10 per seed (not feminized)
  • 25) World of Seeds Sugar Mango Ryder (1 seed) $10 per seed (feminized)
  • 26) Samsara Seeds Crazy Miss Hyde (1 seed) $15 per seed (feminized)

We are working on adding growing tips for varioius strains

Click on any of the underlined strains for growing tips for that specific strain.

  • Alaskan Ice
  • Cheese
  • Chemdog BX2
  • Chemdog Double-D x Chemdog
  • Chemdog Sour Diesel
  • Early Queen
  • Euphoria
  • 4SD
  • Hawaiian Snow
  • Jack Herer
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Killer Queen
  • Medusa
  • New York City Diesel (NYCD)
  • Power Plant
  • Pure Power Plant
  • Skunk #1
  • Sour Diesel
  • Trainwreck

Transplanting Info

Marijuana Clones For Sale

These clones are being fed Dyna-Gro hydro nutrient solution at about 480-580 ppm and a 6.1 ph. After transplant you should start them off with half strength of whatever your nutrient bottle recommends, also, whatever you nutrient bottle recommends do not start them off higher than 400 ppm. After they have been in their new pots for 5 days, start raising the ppm’s by 100-200 ppm’s every 3 days (or every watering) until you reach the suggested ppm’s recommended on your nutrient bottle. If you plan on running a different ph than the 6.1 they are currently on… Start off with 6.1 and work your way up or down by changing the ph no more than .4 every 3 days (or every watering) untill you reach the desired ph.

Cloning Tips

I have explained my technique in detail for how I make clones on the page titled “How to Make Clones“.

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