How to Buy Cannabis / Marijuana Seeds Online

Where to find seeds for sale in Colorado

There is a lot of confusion about marijuana seeds online. It doesn’t help that any idiot can type misleading information into a dozen different forums, and as usual, the people talking the most seem to know the least. So often the people doing the talking don’t seem to even have any real first hand experience with what they are talking about. In an effort to clear up some of the confusion, I’m going to tell you what I have learned firsthand about obtaining seeds. I am retired from “the business” now and have left everything to my apprentice, so I don’t mind sharing this information and I have no interest in selling you anything.

Colorado Marijuana Seeds For Sale

How to Buy Cannabis / Marijuana Seeds Online

Let’s start with obtaining seeds in Colorado, locally & therefore, legally. Some of the dispensaries in Denver, Colorado Springs, and the mountain towns carry seeds from well known international seed breeders. There are also a number of local companies now (as of Feb, 2015) that are specializing in seed production. One of the these is The Bank Cannabis Genetics near Denver. There is also a seed company called “Reserva Privada Colorado”, but they are not affiliated with the internationally known Reserva Privada seed co. and they clearly state this on their website.

Why they would name their company after an internationally known and respected seed company if they aren’t associated, I don’t know unless it’s to simply capitalize on someone elses name and work. I have no experience with the Colorado Reserva Privada though so I can’t tell you if their seeds are any good or not. Another new business that has popped up recently is “The Bank Cannabis Genetics”. I have no experience with these guys either and their website does nothing to speak of their seed breeding experience or qualifications to any degree.

How to Order Seeds Online

How to Buy Cannabis / Marijuana Seeds Online

Before I explain to you how “a friend” of mine ordered seeds dozens of times, let’s make sure you’re not wasting your time, and money, on something you may not need. This brings me to what I feel is one of the most valuable pieces of advice I can offer to new & experienced growers.

Here it is…

You can take a seed out of just about any bag of crappy mexican import, and weed out the boys after they sprout, and you take the females and grow them with the same love and attention that you would give to a “high quality” seed that you would pay for, you will end up with a high quality product.

Here’s another way I often put it, “an amature grower can take a seed or clone of a strain like Trainwreck and the plant he grows may end up being crap with no more than 6% THC even though the strain has been tested at somewhere between 18%-22%. An experienced grower can take a seed from a bag of crappy import and the plant he grows from that seed will be as good as most of the MMJ you see at dispensaries.”

If you’re going to do this, grow “bag seed” that is, then be sure to use seeds from a bag of mexican “import”. Don’t use seeds from a bag of “good stuff you had that had a couple seeds in it”. This is because if you got a bag of marijuana with only a few seeds in it, chances are those seeds are there because it was a female plant that turned hermaphroditic and produced seeds without the aid of male pollen. You don’t want to grow seeds from a plant that may have done this, because your female plants may in turn produce seeds. Which is something you don’t want, that’s why you get rid of the males when you start a crop from seed. Mexican bag seed is ideal because the mexicans typically don’t get rid of the males and therefore the seeds are usually naturally produced by a pollenated female.

I have never grown a bad bag seed plant following those rules. Seriously, you’re just as well off growing a plant from some mexican seeds as you are buying a clone off some guy on craigslist that says he’s got “fill in the blank here” clones for $15 each.

Back to how to order seeds online…

  • First off, the biggest issue seems to be… many people say to use someone elses address to have the marijuana seeds sent to. Others say have them sent to a PO Box under a fake name, and others say “just don’t have the seeds sent to where you are growing”. Here’s what I know from experience, the first couple times “my friend” ordered seeds online he was nervous about it because of all the crap he read online. So he had them sent to a friends house he had “ok’d” it with. Turned out fine, no problems. So “my friend” decided to have his next order of mj seeds sent to his house, where his sizeable grow operation was. Again, no problems. In the end, “my friend” had at least 18 orders of seeds sent to his house where his grow was. Never had one problem.
  • Another big issue everyone seems to have is where to order marijuana seeds online without getting ripped off. Personally I have only ordered from Attitude Seed Bank, Seed Boutique, and Seed Botique’s companion site Seed Bay. Never had an order intercepted or gotten wrong. I can not speak for any of the other places to buy seeds.
  • How to go about it: Here’s the details of how “my friend” ordered his. He never paid with a credit card (this should be obvious). He always used money orders. He never sent his order form with the money order from his house, he would drop it in a public mailbox (in case the local mail man is nosey). He did not put a correct return address on the envelope, he only put his real address on the order form in the envelope. That’s it! “My friend” would use his real name and address, where he was growing, and he always got his seeds, and never got nailed for anything.
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