Best weed grinder and how to use it?

Grinder – a wonderful device for grinding marijuana, tobacco and so on. Grinders are very different – from the elementary grater to complex multi-chamber devices with a sieve and a special compartment for falling trichomes.

What is grinder and why is it needed?

Best weed grinder and how to use it?

Grinder helps to grind the marijuana into a fine crumb. Question: why not burn the pieces of cones as a whole, as beginners do? First, the crushed product burns much more evenly, it does not have to be set on fire again. Second, only the cut weed can be properly roll a cigarette.

Grinder not only facilitates the grinding process. Models equipped with a sieve and an additional compartment under it, allow you to collect trichomes, falling during grinding. Trichomes are the purest and most powerful form of marijuana. They can simply pour into the cap and smoke and can be pressed into the hash.

Above the sieve is the main chamber of the grinder, equipped with ”teeth”. They’re the ones who grind marijuana. Metal grinders often have a magnet holding the whole structure together.

How to use grinder

Best weed grinder and how to use it?

Step 1: Remove the cover. Fingers break off small pieces and put them on the teeth. Try not to occupy the center, as there is a magnet, and in the center of the grinding is bad.

Step 2: close the cover Again and turn it about 10 times. We need all the crumbs to fall into the lower chamber. You can remove the lid and tap it on the side of the grinder to the remains of crumbs stuck to the teeth, fell down.

Step 3: Unscrew the part with teeth. All the crushed marijuana will be in the chamber immediately below it. She is ready to roll her in a cigarette or blunt or hammer into a tube.

Step 4: when you repeat this procedure several times, some trichomes will accumulate in the lowest chamber of the grinder. Trichomes can be collected with a piece of paper or a special spatula that comes with some models. Be careful with metal spatulas, as you can scrape off aluminum particles together with trichomes! As we have said, the trichomes you can either smoke it or compress them into a hash.

How to clean sticky grinder

Best weed grinder and how to use it?

If the grinder works all the time, the teeth and other surfaces will quickly become sticky from the resin. Especially unpleasant when the lid starts to turn hard. So it’s time to clean your device.

Wipe the sticky surfaces with alcohol and salt. So clean the bongs and pipes, but the grinder here is no different.

With a hard brush (or even a toothbrush), clean the sieve cells, otherwise, the trichomes will not be able to fall through them.

At temperatures below zero, the resin becomes less sticky. In advanced cases, it is necessary to hold a little grinder in the freezer and then clean.

In rare cases, grinder becomes so sticky that it is too late to save him. Easier to buy a new one.

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